Wednesday, 17 August 2011

500 Dresses Of Summer: 14 and 15

Every time I do one of my dresses posts I fear it may be the last. The weather seems to have reached new levels of unpredictability but as it's technically still summer until September 21st and I still have a few un-blogged dresses to wear I'm going to wear them regardless. There's plenty of time for winter clothing. In winter.

Dress 14:


Dress: Topshop, Belt: Primark

As someone told me last week, "all your dresses are the same style!". I have a fair few dresses that are this shape but I know that they suit me and so it makes sense to buy them in every colour combination I can find. They're really comfortable to wear and great for lazy summer days (I wish. I actually wore this for a day in the library).

Dress 15:


Dress: Vintage Laura Ashley

This dress was my mum's in the 1980s. It used to be about a foot longer and a size 12 but my mum altered it to fit me. It still doesn't fit perfectly - it's a little small around my bust and a little too big around my waist but I love the print so much that I don't mind. It also has a rather annoying habit of flapping up in the slightest breeze which is entertaining and embarrassing in equal measures.

I wish my mum had kept more of her Laura Ashley dresses, she had loads of them in the 80s but most of them went to the charity shop to be replaced with 90s stirrup leggings and baggy jumpers. These have thankfully gone to the charity shop too. It's strange how only certain things go on to become "vintage". Actually it's not too surprising. Floral dresses are nice and stirrup leggings are hideous.

What's your go-to summer dress style? And what vintage trend do you think will (or should) never come back into fashion?

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  1. Another set of gorgeous dresses! My to go dress is the lace one i'm wearing in my latest post, have worn is so much that it's gone a bit bobbly on the side of the dress :( x

  2. That pink dress is so gorgeous + looks great on you x

  3. I love the print of the first one!
    So pretty!

  4. I totally love the dresses! :)

  5. The pink dress is gorgeous, it's a real keeper. You look awesome and super feminine in it.

    It's going to be the 90's come back and revisit, yup. Do you think stirrup leggings will be back? I expect grunge and maybe rave style to be revisited before honestly!

  6. Two gorgeous dresses, I adore the pink Laura Ashley one! I also have loads of dresses in similar styles, but if you know it works definitely get more! :P xx

  7. I'm refusing to wear winter clothes as well. These dresses both are wonderful. I love the second one. It's perfectly vintage. My go to dresses are black. I love LBD's.

  8. Vintage Laura Ashley is such a winner!!! :) Don't even get me started on the weather. And I hear people saying all around me that they can't wait for the A/W season. I'm like: Whaaaaaaat? I still can't get anought of wearing my summmer dresses - like you! :( X

  9. love the style and the floral print of the first one. you look lovely.

  10. A lot of my dresses are of a similar style, I think if you find something you like and that it suits you then why not :D

  11. I adore Laura Ashley and this looks amazing on you :)

    Maria xxx

  12. Love the pink dress! I try to look for flattering cuts like that in dresses and Laura Ashley stuff is always lovely :)



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