Saturday, 6 August 2011

500 Dresses Of Summer: 12 and 13

The weather was so terrible last week that I was starting to think that it might have been the end of this series. Thankfully, the sun came back which meant only one thing - dresses can be worn again!

Dress 12:


Dress: Derby @ John Lewis, Shoes: M&S

I wore this dress for a formal dinner. I wanted something somewhere in between classic/conservative and memorable/standout and I think this fitted the bill perfectly. The dress was a present from my dad and an epic sales bargain - £160 reduced to £29.50! He loves bargains as much as I do so couldn't resist buying it for me, thank you daddy!

Dress 13:


Dress: French market, Shoes: River Island

I don't usually wear long dresses in England. They feel a bit too "holiday" and not very practical but I couldn't resist wearing this when the sun came out. I purchased this about 4 years ago from a market stall in France, it was only 5 Euros (about £3.50 with the exchange rate back then) but I'd never worn it until now, it still had the tags on it!


  1. gorgeous! i'm in love with both of them :) i agree with what you mean by long dresses being a bit 'holiday' ish. i have a maxi dress that i bought at the beginning of summer that i haven't touched yet! i think i'm gonna go and give it a try though :)


  2. Wow the 1st one is gorgeous, and you totally rock it :-)

  3. I'm glad it got sunny again. The printed dress is amazing. I love how unique it is.

  4. I love the second dress, it fits you really nicely. Know what you mean about long dresses in England though...I feel a bit poser-like walking round Sheffield in a maxi-dress. People just don't understand haha x

  5. Wow that black dress was such a bargain, it looks so chic!

  6. The first dress is really different or cool. xoxo

  7. that dress is gorgeous - you look so elegant! love your hair too xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  8. Dress 13 is FANTASTIC, it looks really great on and not too holiday-like!

    Maria xxx

  9. Love dress 13 especially, such a flattering v-neck shape and the length is lovely as well :)



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