Thursday, 28 July 2011

Recent Happenings and 7 Links

I was tagged by the lovely Jemma to do a "7 Links" post - I think they're a great idea, both to reflect on what you've blogged about and to give newer readers the chance to catch-up on some of your older posts.

But first, some pictures:


My favourite Wagamana order - Saien Soba with my current reading material A Week In December by Sebastian Faulks. I walk across the Millennium Bridge everyday so yes, I was drawn to the book by the cover.


Taking photos mid-run gives me an excuse to stop. I wish the sky always looked like this!


I shared this sushi platter with two friends but I could definitely have eaten it all by myself. This was at Kumo Knightsbridge, courtesy of a KGBdeals voucher.

Now for the 7 links.

Your most beautiful post – I'm not vain enough to think that any post featuring me is my most beautiful but I loved the photos in my Dubai holiday post.

Your most popular post – based on comments it would be my Drink Shop and Do review.

Your most controversial post – I don't really do controversial. Well, not on my blog at least. I'm going to go with my orange lipstick post as it's maybe not the post obvious choice of lip colour!

Your most helpful post – the one where I tested out Rimmel's claims that their Lash Accelerator mascara will make your natural lashes longer in 30 days. Opinion was divided!

A post whose success surprised you – probably my Prague mini-break post. Loved reading the comments of who had been and who was inspired to go!

A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved - I posted my DHC Cleansing Oil review a while ago but it's also a brand that I feel doesn't get the intention it deserves!

The post that you are most proud of – my review of 2010 post, hopefully I am sticking to the goals I set myself at the start of the year...

I'm going to tag all of you reading this (cop-out, I know but revision is calling me). Post your link in the comments if you've done the tag already!


  1. I might try this :) x

  2. love this post Lily! love finding out more about the blogger! might have to try that scrummy dinner next time i go to wagamammas! xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  3. Great post and pictures too! xoxo

  4. Love the picture of the sky. It looks so beautiful! And loved reading about your past posts. Can't wait to check it out.

  5. That food all looks amazing!

  6. I've literally just stumbled across your blog & its lovely! Anything with posts about makeup & food gets my vote :P Funnily enough we've both labled our posts the same... :)

  7. Japanese food is my fave. Having seen this, i now have a big craving for them! x


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