Monday, 11 July 2011

500 Dresses of Summer: 7 and 8

Today's dresses are a little more "dressy". I don't often "dress up" as I wear what a lot of (non-blogging) people would consider dressed up clothes everyday as I don't wear jeans/trousers/tshirts/hoodies (so basically normal student attire!) and I don't really go "out", I tend to just go for dinner with friends and so wear the same stuff I've worn all day. I guess that's partly why I do dress up during the day as because I don't go clubbing etc I don't get a chance to get all dressed up at night. Style analysis aside, here are the dresses:


Right: Dress - Primark, Shoes - M&S. Left: Dress - Topshop

The blue dress was a Primark sale rail bargain - £13 reduced to £5. I bought it in December 2010 before I went on holiday with my parents but upon trying it on again at home again I realised that it maybe wasn't a suitable dress to wear around mummy and daddy and so it languished in the back of my wardrobe as I never had anywhere to wear it to. I ended up wearing it to a friend's birthday night out, we went bowling at Bloomsbury Lanes and I came second to last which I partly attribute to the dress as it wasn't really bowling appropriate! Although it did look dashing with the red and blue bowling shoes. Not.

The orange dress is from Topshop S/S 2008. I've actually worn this a lot as it's one of those dresses that is suitable for a lot of occasions - the high neckline and "appropriate" length has meant that I've worn it to formal dinners, on family holidays and for many an occasion that demanded something slightly less formal than black tie. I love the colour and the zip detail. I wore this to the Aussie Lusciously Light Soiree and Aussie's Emma told me that she has the same dress!

Are you a dressy dress person?


  1. i looove the colours!! they are so hot and summery they really suit u too :p

  2. Yes, I am! And I am so in love with your blue dress! It fits right on you :)

  3. love that primark dress it looks gorgeous and for only 5 pounds you're so lucky. and the orange dress looks nice on you too. you have a great taste.

    visit my beauty/fashion blog i would love it if you included me in your blogroll. i'll make sure to add u on mine too.

  4. that blue dress is gorge xxxx

  5. The blue primark dress is beautiful on you!
    I do enjoy dresses, I dont wear them as much as I;d like to but I find them perfect on summer days.

  6. both these dresses are lovely but I think the blue one is my favourite, you look gorgeous x

  7. LOVE these colours on you! I am very much a dressy dress person, I am always told that I look too dressed up!

    Maria xxx


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