Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Review: 17 Soft Liner

I often forget to check the "Advantage Kiosk" offers at Boots but I was glad I did last week as there was a voucher for a free 17 "Hide and Chic" concealer when you bought another 17 product. I decided on the Soft Liner in Black as my trusty L'Oreal Superliner really should be destined for the bin, I'm just too lazy to stop using it! When I got to the till it turned out that I could still take advantage of the 3 for 2 offer so I ended up getting two liners and the concealer for only £3.99!


I haven't tried the concealer yet as I'm using up the last of my ELF Undereye concealer first. The brush doesn't look amazing but I apply undereye concealer with my fingers so it shouldn't make too much of a difference for me.

The liners are felt-tip style with a nib that can be used for a thick or thin line. When I swatched these on my hand in the store, the liner was still there the next morning despite having a shower and washing my hands multiple times. I used the brown liner for the first time yesterday, it's not as pigmented as a liquid liner but the softer line looked nice and natural for day time. The liner lasted all day and there was no transferring onto my eyelid. I'm usually a black liner devotee but I really liked the brown for a more natural day-time look.

I'm also wearing a Clinque smokey eye trio and Rimmel The Max mascara in the eye photo.

Have you tried any of these 17 products?


  1. I love a good eyeliner. These sound fab. I'm usung a MAC one at the moment, which is also great!

  2. There is an offer in Boots atm where when you buy ANY two 18 products, you get a goodie bag with 2 nail polishes and some nail stickers for free. :) X

    P.S. Don’t forget about my new giveaway!

  3. Plus, Boots brands don't test on animals!

    I asked in store yesterday, but they told me that they are not sure (even the manager!), but after some Internet research, now I'm sure. :) X

  4. It looks fab. I'm really jealous of your eyelashes :)

  5. Look cool, might try them. x

  6. thanks for the review - i must give it a go x

  7. I have that eyeliner! But it dries out quite quickly , at least mine did so I should go and get some new ones. But I love that it's in the brown, much softer than black!

  8. I have never tried it... but you have really lovely eyes!

  9. I've not tried these 17 products. But definitely will do. I'm on the hunt for a great new eyeliner. I always find eye liners with nibs the easiest to use.

  10. Pretty!!! You have gorgeous lashes!!!

    Have a great weekend!

    XOXO, CC

  11. @ celeryandcupcakes - I've not tried any of Mac's liners, definitely need to though!

    @ Mademoiselle Lala - I've seen that offer, looks great but makes it very tempting to buy even more make-up...

    @ Filipa - I did think that it may dry up fast...although they were such a bargain that I won't be too disappointed if they do.

    Thanks for all your comments xxx


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