Sunday, 26 June 2011

500 Dresses Of Summer: 4

I bought this dress a while ago with the ASOS Groupon deal. I had two vouchers and could not find anything that I liked for my second one. Ended up buying this Vero Moda dress which I was not a fan at all of when it arrived. I was going to send it back but it turned out that I would lose the £9 I'd spent on the Groupon voucher....after much thinking I decided that as the dress fitted me I might as well keep it and just see it as another lessen that buying clothes online just isn't really for me. I'm one of those people who try on about twenty things before buying one so the chances of liking something picked out from a photo of a super-skinny model on the ASOS website isn't really too high!


Dress: Vero Moda @ ASOS

I don't know what it is that I don't like about this can just see on my face that I'm not convinced by it. The style isn't really me and I'm paranoid that the side pockets make my hips look huge...I'll still wear but it definitely won't be one that I reach for often.

Do you have items like this in your wardrobe? That there's nothing actually "wrong" with them but you just don't feel very "you" wearing them?


  1. I think the shape is really nice on you, but the pockets *are* awkwardly placed. And yeah, the way they "style" clothes for photo shoots usually involve clamps and tape to make them look more flattering on the tiny model, which translates to "even less flattering on real humans" ... faillllll!

  2. That's why I never buy anything from Asos... Sad, but true. I need to try the clothes on. Topshop website deceived me to many times (and yes - it's all thanks to tall skinny models with absolutely no curves - complete opposite to me!). Le sigh... X

    P.S. Don’t forget about my new giveaway!

  3. I think this still looks gorgeous on you :] x

  4. I think the dress looks great on you, it gives you a lovely curvy shape but if you don't feel awesome in it thats a sign to go for something else!

  5. Yep have loads of them! Supportive bras are a necessity for me, and so many times I buy tops only to feel self-conscious in them cos they don't sit well with, or allow for, said bras. But I think the dress looks good on you!

    Hope you enjoyed The Globe

    T x

  6. The dress looks nice on you, I really like the colour :) If you don't feel comfortable in it it's not good though, I've sent back loads of dresses that look great, but not on me, or I feel silly in them. xx

  7. I really like the dress... perhaps you should set up a blogger swop shop :D

  8. I hate when that happens!! I think if you added some accesories it would look "right"

  9. I actually think this is quite cute on you. the colour really suits you and the waist totally nips you in - maybe style it up with a either a nice big waist belt, or even a teeny wee slim gold one - something vintagey perhaps.


  10. @ eRIN - it's so annoying how clothes are "styled" for ad campaigns, easy for forget when you're browsing websites or looking at magazine ads.

    @ Laura - thank you :) maybe it'll end up on ebay or I might change my mind about it next time I wear it!

    @ Tabitha - I have a few tops that I never wear because they don't accommodate bra-wearing, so annoying! The Globe was great, although standing up for 2 and half hours was so tiring!

    @ Gemx - thank you, I really like the colour too, it's just the style that's not *quite* right :(

    @ girlinthecity - I like the idea of a belt - I shall definitely try that out. I'm kinda determined to make this dress work for me!


  11. The dress looks fab on you. I think you have a good eye for what suits your shape.

  12. I really like this dress on you, really goes nice with your hair! I never buy anything from ASOS though, what are they hiding behind? I find their own stuff is usually rubbish quality!! xxx


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