Monday, 13 June 2011

500 Dresses Of Summer: 2 and 3

Continuing my dress series, dresses 2 and 3. Dress 2 was £6 from the children's section of M&S, children's clothes are such bargains and the sizes aren't as small as you'd think...I always have a sneaky look in the children's section. Dress 3 was bought on my trip to Milan last year in the Mango sale. Love this one for "day to night" occasions as it can easily be brightened up with red lipstick and red heels.


Left photo: dress - M&S, shrug came attached. Right photo: dress - Mango.


  1. Whaaaaaaat? Kids department? So clever! Now I remember that my friend (she has tiny feet - smaller than size 3) bought her wedding shoes in a children's department for a fraction of a price. ;) X

    P.S. Don’t forget about my giveaway!

  2. Both gorgeous, I love the prints on both and the almost neutral tones, they both look fab on you x

  3. I always check the kiddie section too, especially at shops like Asda and Tesco, I cannot count the funky tshirts I used to get for 3-5 pounds!

    These dresses are gorgeous :) xxx

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  4. I always check the kiddie's section too, you can find some amazing things there sometimes! Love those dresses xx

  5. The Mango dress is HOT!

  6. what a cute idea! both are cute.

  7. A dress series is an amazing idea! Love your blog, following :) xx

  8. I adore the dress on the left! So cute :)

  9. Haha! That is amazing, kids department! Although I genuinely don't think I'd fit in it, hats off to you ! :) Loving both dresses.

  10. Some of the stuff I've got from childrens' sections is my favourite! I absolutely love this dress I got from M&S, it's so pretty :)

    Your one looks lovely too!

  11. Gorgeous dresses, i love the M&S one. I always look in the childrens shoe department you can get some really nice bargains x


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