Tuesday, 10 May 2011

What I wore...In Dubai - Part 2

A few more of my evening holiday outfits:


1. Dress: Pixie Loves Lipsy @ Very, Shoes: M&S

2. Dress: $10 from a random shop in SoHo, NY

3. Dress: H&M, Bag: M&S, Leggings: M&S, Shoes: FitFlop

4. Playsuit: River Island @ ASOS, Sandals: New Look

5. Jumpsuit: New Look, Sandals: New Look

Which look is your favourite?


  1. you look so pretty in the second picture, dark blue definately suits you <3

  2. My favourite is first look Pixie Loves Lipsy - that's because I love floral dresses. I'm little bit surprised, because when I looked at Lipsy's website on the Pixie's designs, nothing particular caught my eye... ;) X


  3. I love the jumpsuit! You look lovely in all the outfits though :)

  4. I looove the leopard print jumpsuit, it looks amazing on you!
    The M&S shoes are gorgeous too, I always assumed M&S shoes would be a bit old-ladyish but those are lovely!

  5. I am having a love affair with sequins so 3 has to be my fav :) love the floral playsuit in 4 too xxx

  6. I love your maxi dress...so summery!

  7. The Pixie Loves Lipsy dress is sooo cute! You look lovely!


  8. Oh, very pretty! I really love the 3rd look with the sparkly H&M dress. I'm on a haunt on finding the perfect sparkly dress, hehe. And I love your outfit :)

  9. @ Fern - thank you :)

    @ Mademoiselle Lala - I got the dress from last summer's collection, I'd never usually purchase a "celebrity designed" item but as soon as I saw it on the site I fell in love!

    @ LOOK! - thank you :)

    @ Gillian - I always get my M&S shoes from their Limited Collection, good value and they're so easy to walk in!

    @ Rhi - I love sequins, need to wear them more often!

    @ Celery - thank you, I'm definitely planning on wearing it a lot more this summer.

    @ Emmy - thank you :)

    @ Noelle - thank you :) Hope you find a sequin dress, there always seems to be a lot of them around at Christmas time but sure you can still track one down in the summer too!


  10. i <3 the jumpsuit.

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