Thursday, 5 May 2011

What I wore...In Dubai - Part 1

Some of my holiday outfits - it's actually much harder to get good outfit photos when you're using your mother as a photographer rather than a tripod and timer-function!


1. Leopard-print maxi - H&M, Bag - M&S, Sandals - New Look, Belt - Primark

2. Top - New Look, Skirt - Topshop, Sandals - New Look

3. Dress - Laden Showrooms, Heels - M&S

4. Dress - M&S, Sandals - FitFlop

What are your holiday wardrobe essentials?


  1. I love that maxi dress, it really suits you! x

  2. The shape of the coral dress is perfect for you...looks fantastic!

    T x

  3. your look is so vintage, lovely :) x

  4. very summer i love Dubai any shooping there ?

  5. Very pretty! I love the second top and you look stunning in the third dress!
    My holiday wear is pretty much the same as my usual summer wear, but with much more suncream! :)

  6. Beautiful especially the first and third outfits. Holiday essentials have to be good fitting swimwear, comfy wedges and a maxi dress x

  7. I lve the first and thrid dresses. You look super cute in them all. Love Sia x

  8. You look lovely! I always take pretty dresses to wear on holiday as I get so warm!

    Maria xxx

  9. sandals,
    bag which can fit guidebook, camera and essentials,

  10. I think actual people soon get bored of taking pictures whereas a tripod never does, ha ha!

    Lovely pictures though, I really love the second from right xxx

  11. I love all of these dresses - especially the longer one!

  12. Cute outfits :) I love the maxi dress! xx

  13. You look so lovely and amazing! I am not very composed when i go on holiday. Its something to do with the excitement and heat! I end up looking an utter mess by mid day! Whats your secret, missy!! You look fabulous x

  14. Looks lovely :) Thanks for sharing :) xx

  15. @ Hayley - thank you, hopefully I'll wear it a lot this summer!

    @ Tabitha - thank you, I think it's one of my favourite dresses at the moment :)

    @ kia - thank you!

    @ Beauty Combat - the shopping was pretty good, got a couple of nice purchases which should be appearing on the blog soon!

    @ Gemx - lots of suncream is definitely a summer essential for me too.

    @ Em x - Ooh, wedges, I really need to track down a pair for the summer.

    @ Sia - thank you :)

    @ Maria - thank you :)

    @ Victoria - true, my mum only had the patience to take a couple and got a bit confused when I wasn't smiling like an idiot!

    @ Rachel - thank you :)

    @ Joy - thank you :)

    @ Temporary Secretary - these were all evening outfits, my day look was slightly less composed in 35 degree heat! I was holidaying with my parents so a big suitcase and my dad being there to carry it definitely helped!

    @ Computergirl - thank you :)


  16. You look lovely my sweet! :3

  17. I LOVE your style. The maxi dress is lovely!


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