Sunday, 29 May 2011

A Few Of My Favourite Things: May 29th

Another week over. I have exams coming up so time feels like it's flying by apart from when I'm actually revising when it seems to slow down completely. Despite exams I've still taken a little time out for:


Aussie Lighter Self Bootcamp
Top photo: Tabitha, Lauren and I. Middle photo: Jen and I doing the below-mentioned exercise, Amanda - our fitness and yoga instructor. Photos from Yummy Hair.
Such a fun day! I met a few of the Bloggers that I follow in real life for the first time, did some fun exercise (I say fun but my arms were still aching three days later) and had a lusciously light lunch.
The Reebox Club in Canary Wharf was an amazing venue and the day was a great idea - fun exercise, healthy eating and a great way to meet other bloggers, you can't fail to make friends while wearing matching Aussie shirts and doing the hula hula!

Yummy Treats
Starbucks soya coffee light frappuchino - I love how you can now get frappuchinos made with soya milk, I don't drink normal milk so very happy that I can now have frappuchinos. My wallet is probably crying though as they're so expensive. Post-exam treat along with the latest issue of Company Magazine.
Pollo Salad in Pizza Express, the 2 for 1 vouchers are back so making the most of my student days by going twice this week and having a salad with tap water both times.
Lunch at Wahaca. My mum came down to London on Friday and we spent the day at Westfield due to the unpredictable London weather. This salad was so good and love how you can eat the bowl!

The Terrible Tudors
Yesterday my friend and I escaped London for the beautiful surroundings of Hampton Court Palace. After filling up on free samples at the Foodies Festival, we visited the Palace, gardens and maze. Highlight was getting dressed up in tudor clothing - couldn't resist a blog-style outfit shot!

What have you been enjoying this week?


  1. Aw mad that I didn't get chance to speak to you at Aussie, there were so many people there that I didn't speak to!! That food all looks gorgeous! xxx

  2. Ooh all that lovely food is making me hungry!
    The Aussie bootcamp looked fun but hard! xx

  3. I love my frappes and so glad they are available with soy milk too, I drank loads of them in NYC, Starbucks own me! This week I am just enjoying having this long weekend and starting to make plans for summer travels :-)

  4. the aussie boot camp does look a lot of fun, even if it was hard work! The tudor outfit post is soo cute haha!

    This week has been mainly sunbathing for me- in between the windy spells! xx

  5. I love that Pizza Express salad! Have you tried the pizzas with salad in the centre? Sooo nice!

  6. the aussie boot camp sounds like hard work but also a lot of fun

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  7. It was so lovely to meet you in real life :) I love the Tudor outfit post too :)

    Maria xxx

  8. Aussie boot camp looks great! I had the pleasure of visiting Wahaca last time I went to London...I've been craving it ever since!x

  9. I've been enjoying relaxing over the bank holiday's been long over due.

  10. @ Carlito86 - hopefully see you at the next Aussie event? It was such a busy day and there were much more people than I thought there would be so it was really hard to get a chance to talk to everyone :(

    @ Sirens and Bells - some of it was tough but the fact that everyone was doing it made it easier to get through!

    @ Laura - I now can't imagine life before soy frappes, haha, I'm sure they're addictive!

    @ Theothersideofcool - very jealous of your sunbathing! The weekend here was so cold :(

    @ Phoebe - I love those pizzas! I either get one of those or the pollo salad.

    @ Hannah - I've since signed up to another bootcamp, bit scared that it might not be as fun as the Aussie one!

    @ Maria - was lovely to meet you too :) I love dressing up so the Tudor outfit was the highlight of my visit to Hampton Court!

    @ Rachel - it's sooooo good! Can't wait to go back already!

    @ celeryandcupcakes - sounds like you definitely deserved a relaxing weekend :)



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