Monday, 4 April 2011

Something a little different: 9 Bar Review

Healthy eating is a huge passion of mine so I was thrilled to win Sofia's 9 Bar giveaway. I was already a fan of the bars so the sampler pack prize was right up my street!



9 Bars are a natural alternative to processed cereal bars and contain wholesome seeds which are a great source of minerals and vitamins. They're dairy free and suitable for veggies too.

There are five varieties of 9 Bar:

9 Bar Original - This is the variety I usually purchase. The seed bar is really filling and the carob-topping is great for a sweet fix but without all the sugar and additivies of a chocolate bar. The Original 9 Bar contains 277 calories which sounds like quite a lot but I find these far more filling than regular cereal bars and the seeds are full of "good fats" which your body needs rather than the empty calories of a chocolate bar.

9 Bar Organic - This was my favourite out of the box, it's the same as an Original bar but with organic ingredients. I thought that this bar was slightly softer than the others and it made a great snack for taking to uni with me and scoffing in the computer room while doing work. Seeds are a great source of energy and it's much easier to eat them in bar form!

9 Bar Pumpkin - This is the only 9 Bar not to have the carob topping. I thought that this would make it less sweet than the other bars but this wasn't the case. It still tasted like a sweet treat and I liked how you could see the seed-y goodness due to the lack of topping. The pumpkin seeds gave it quite a different flavour.

9 Bar Nutty - This was probably my least favourite. I still enjoyed the bar but found that the addition of nuts made it a little too sweet. It was also harder and more chewy than the other bars. I had this as a quick breakfast one morning and it kept me so full that I didn't end up eating lunch until 3pm!

9 Bar Flax - This is the same as the original bar but with added flax which is full of health benefits (I'm not a nutrition expect, I just know that flax is "good for you"!). It contains Omega 3 fatty acids which are often hard to get in your diet if you don't eat a lot of oily fish or are vegetarian. This bar tasted very similar to the Original.

9 Bar Nutty and 9 Bar Pumpkin

I really enjoyed trying all the 9 Bar varieties and will definitely continue to buy them - they're a great snack for when you're on the go or a great breakfast for busy mornings. I like how filling they are as I find that a lot of "low fat" snacks do not satisfy my hunger at all and also how the seeds contain a lot of good fats that I otherwise wouldn't get in my diet.

What's your favourite healthy snack?


  1. Haha, love the close up shots of the 9 bars, food porn! I love these as healthy snacks along with nakd bars, fresh fruit, hummus and veggies, crackers and nut butter, yum!

  2. Hmmm yes I've seen those on Sofia's blog... congrats on winning! They all look yummy, and your pictures has made me hungry!

  3. Ooh I won these on Sofias blog aswell and greedily munched my way through the lot in one day haha :) think i defeated the object of healthy eating there! They are so yummy though! :D xxx

  4. I actually think they look good. I like all of those healthy food snacks.

  5. lovely blog♥
    follow me ?.
    love, poppy xoxo

  6. Congrats on winning, those look lovely! I have a slight obsession with sesame seed bars, so tasty! Not good for a snack in the library/lectures though, a little too crunchy :P x

  7. the pumpkin one look yummy , now i m following you.

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  9. Sounds great! I can definitely understand your passion for healthy food :)

  10. Looks great.
    Iam following.
    Just have a look on mine...

  11. I actually loved the nutty one, but I have a MASSIVE sweet tooth so that might be why. I've recently found out I cannot east gluten so these are now my favourite breakfasts now that cereal and bread is off my menu.

  12. oooooh yummy! they look so tasty!


  13. I lvove 9bars, especially the nutty flavour!

  14. oh la la
    watch me drool....
    I absolutely love nut bars, and healthy bars
    so delicious...
    i guess they become unhealthy when i eat four at a time? ha! love your blog x

    amy !

  15. @ Laura - I love food porn pics! Oh and nut butters are so yummy!

    @ GABY - thank you, I was so happy to win them!

    @ Natalie - I could definitely have eaten them all in a day, so yummy.

    @ Gemx - I've not tried seasme seed bars, will have to give them a go!

    @ Beauty combat - it was really good :) thanks for following.

    @ Usagi-bun - it's great how these are gluten free, definitely good for an easy and quick breakfast.

    @ celeryandcupcackes - I'll have to give the nutty one another go, seems to be very popular!

    @ Amy - I sometimes find it hard to stop at one cereal bar - they're just too nice!



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