Friday, 8 April 2011

Lipstick-loving: Pink

Next up in the lipstick-loving line-up is pink. I have a few pinks in my collection and the shade can definitely not be summed up with one lipstick but this one seems like a good place to start - a my-lips-but-better rosy pink:


The lipstick is Clinique's High Impact in Rosette which came free with last month's Glamour. Not bad for £2! The colour lasts well and doesn't dry my lips out. While not as striking as my red or orange looks, I do find myself reaching for this on days when I want to look a little more natural and can't be bothered with the frequent touch-ups that come with wearing a bright colour. In the photo I'm wearing ELF's Mineral Blush in Joy and my usual L'Oreal Superliner and 17 Wild Curls mascara.

What's your favourite pink lipstick?


  1. It looks very glossy, just like I like them (=

  2. ooh pretty :] x

  3. Lovely post! My fave pink lippie is Revlons Stormy Pink 011 Matte Finish xxx

  4. I love your close up lipstick shots! Your lips look luscious in that lipstick.

  5. I got this free with Glamour too! It's a lovely colour, it really suits you. xx

  6. Thats lovely, very natural.. better than sticky lipgloss.

  7. I just found your blog - I love it! You're going on my blogroll girlie! <3


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