Saturday, 19 March 2011

A Few Of My Favourite Things: March 19th

This week has passed in a busy/work-filled/exhausted blur but here's what I've been enjoying:


1. A Gossip Girl inspired "OOTD". This got me a few strange looks from those who have probably never heard of the show. I bought the top when I was in Australia but this was the first time I'd worn it as since getting back to the UK the weather has hardly been cropped-top friendly. The denim shorts are from George at Asda.

2. I blogged about my surprise delivery from Aussie last week and yesterday I used the Lusciouly Light, Luscious Long condition. Like all Aussie products it smells amazing - I think this one smells slightly less sweet than the Aussome Volume range which I've used in the past. The conditioner is a pretty egg shell blue colour and it instantly detangled my knotty hair. Unlike a lot of hair products I could still smell the fragrance while I was drying my hair and for the rest of the day. I've been wearing my hair in a messy/wavy look lately and this conditioner didn't weight it down or make my hair feel greasy (my ultimate conditioner fear as I only wash my hair twice a week so super rich conditioners are not for me!).

3. An amazing lunch at the Natural History Museum - chicken wrap with mixed bean salad and winter coleslaw.

4. I visited the Natural History Museum last week, hadn't been for about ten years and had a really lovely afternoon wandering around the museum. I did biology for A Level and back then it was my favourite subject so it was nice to get reaquainted with my inner science-geek! I really liked the exhibit on optical illustions and memory and the Earth galleries were really amazing, the earthquake exhibit felt particularly poignant in light of the recent Japan tragedy.

What have you been enjoying this week?

Don't forget to check out this post to find out how you can join in the Aussie fun!


  1. Oh my goodness I can't believe that shirt even exists... It's so ridiculous awesome/hilarious!

    Nice favorites!

  2. Love the Gossip Girl! I used to love Jenny but she is such a bitch now! I love Serena, she's my favorite character (and she's amazing in real life too!)

  3. I love the Natural Histroy museum but I haven't been for ages. I normally go to the V&A and sometimes the science museum in South Ken so next time I must go see the NHM. The top is funny, I love gossip girl and i particularly like blair so could never her on a hate tee haha even if jenny is the current hate =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  4. Haha oh my gosh! One, I love the shirt and two I HAVE to try that conditioner! I hope they sell it in Canada :( x

  5. I love Aussie products for the smell of them, they are so nice! :)
    The National History Museum sounds great! I think I've been there once,I remember a giant dinosaur, I think that was there! Next time I go to London I need to have a wander round, the optical illusions sound fun x

  6. love the GG top!

    Helen, X

  7. haha - great top!

    I am loving the new Aussie conditioner, the smell is divine!

  8. I Looovee the NHM! The earthquake bit was so fun i stayed on for 3 goes!

  9. @ Anna Elizabeth - I couldn't not buy it when I saw it!

    @ Reyna - thank you!

    @ GABY - Jenny used to be so sweet....what went wrong?!

    @ Hannah - the V&A is next on my museum to-go list, haven't been in years!

    @ Kirsty - hope you can get hold of the conditioner, it smells so good.

    @ Gemx - the giant dinosaur is still there! It's definitely worth a visit, love that its free to get in.

    @ Helen - thank you!

    @ Harriet - it does smell good :)

    @ Cowbiscuits - so glad I visited, was a fun day wandering around!

  10. Aaw I love the NHM! And Aussie shampoos smell so nice! :) xx

  11. I've been enjoying the WARM WEATHER!!! Also cooking for my husband, and gearing up for SPRING BREAK! :)


  12. That Gossip Girl top is AMAZING! I want it!!

    Maria xxx

  13. Sounds like such a lovely week, that shirt is incredible! Love love love

  14. Mmmm I love the natural history museum restaurant :) Got some yummy baked potatoes there before!

    Thank you for you comment my deary,
    I have had problems with no7 in the past too, thats why I was so surprised by this one being so good! <3

  15. ah a gossip girl tee!! That is a-maz-ing! Chuck bass will be my husband someday : )


  16. The Gossip Girl top is so great!x


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