Friday, 11 March 2011

A Few Of My Favourite Things: March 11th

A slightly smaller selection of favourites this week, I've been quite busy with uni work but still have had some time to enjoy:


1. A Starbucks Petite salted caramel bar. Starbucks celebrated their 40th birthday yesterday and I had a voucher for one of their new mini-treats. This was so good but VERY sweet. I've been indulging my sweet tooth a little too much lately so I think this will be my last sweet indulgence for a while - can't wait to look and feel bikini-ready for summer.

2. My first Topshop make-up purchase. I've never purchased any Topshop make-up before but popped in on Wednesday before meeting a friend and tried out their lip/cheek tint as I wasn't wearing any lipstick and felt a bit blah after a long day at uni (yeah, I know testers are a little gross but I still use them...what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, right?). I really like how it makes my lips and whole face look brighter and healthier without looking obviously made-up. Proper review to come!

3. Sister. The March book for From Gem With Love's bookclub - can't wait to start reading this. I really enjoyed February's book and it was great to read everyone's thoughts on it. Hopefully this will be just as un-put-downable!

I don't think I've mentioned it on here yet but a couple of weeks ago I became a new Aussie Angel. I'm in the Luscious Long tribe. I got an email yesterday from a balloon company saying that my order was on it's way. At first I slightly freaked out that someone had stolen my card details and bought balloons but then I remember that Aussie had said that they would be sending me something soon and a quick check on Twitter confirmed this! I got home to this...


Such a lovely surprise. I love the balloon and can't wait to try out the coniditioner.

What are you favourite things this week?

On a serious note: My thoughts are really going out to everyone in Japan this morning, I'm watching it on the news now and it looks so terrible. Thinking of everyone affected by dad left Tokyo an hour before the quake hit so thankfully he's ok but feel so sad for the people there. I travelled around Japan a few years ago which makes seeing the devastation and knowing that people I know are there really horrible.


  1. It's so sad... I'm from New Zealand and it just feels like we're going through some never ending story...

  2. The Caramel bar makes me hungry.. I now need massively calorific food to go in my belly. :)
    I would super duper love it if you could have a gander at my blog:)

  3. Starbucks is 40 years old? Holy shizz! I had no idea. I didn't know there was already a book club in existence in the style/fashion blogosphere...I've been searching for one. Am going to go check it out now, thanks for the link!

    Have an awesome weekend!

  4. that caramel bar looks delicious!
    Love your blog! xx

  5. That caramel bar looks delicious!
    I really want to try the Topshop makeup range, some of the stuff looks really nice!

  6. The caramel bar looks super tasty! Aussie's balloon parcels are such a sweet idea, I love there products, they always smell so good! :) xxx

  7. That Starbucks caramel bar looks dee-licious!! I know, such a shock to wake up to hearing what had happened in Japan. We have a lot of family friends still living there. It just feels like the world is having one tragedy after another x

  8. @ All the time in the world - I really hope that this is the last natural disaster for a long time. There's been far too much sad news lately...

    @ Chelseyyy - I'd definitely recommend it for a very sweet treat!

    @ Ashley - I was shocked too! Hope you join the bookclub, I'm so glad I decided to join it :)

    @ Ellie - it was! And, thank you :)

    @ Hayley - I think the whole range looks really nice, it's well-priced too.

    @ Gemx - I can't wait to try out the conditioner, just need to remove it from the bottom of the balloon first!

    @ Stefany - Hope all your family friends are ok...really feel for anyone that's been affected by it.


  9. Wow that looks like a mean nutty slice of wonderful! x x

  10. Great post, that looks so yummy!
    I recently bought the topshop tint and I absolutely love ittt, new favourite thing :)


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