Friday, 4 February 2011

How Much Does Your Face Cost?

January seems to be a month of new starts, diets (celebrity work-out DVD, anyone?) and saving money. As boring as it is, I need to start saving more and being more mindful of what I spend on clothes and make-up...I can really feel "proper" adulthood looming and need to start being more financially responsible and stop wasting money. Booo. I don't think I bought any new make-up during January so I guess that's a start!

I had a huge clearout of my make-up the other day and dread to think of how much the make-up I threw out had cost me, let alone what I actually kept and use. I saw this post on Abbie's blog and thought it'd be interesting to give it a go...

So this is how my "daily face" has been looking lately:



These are the products I've been using, I do swap around the lipsticks and eye shadows but this is pretty much my basic, day time look.

Items used:

No 7 Mattifying Base £11
Miss Make-up Eyelash Curlers £4.99
Carmex Cherry Lipbalm £2.99
No 7 Instant Radiance Concealer £13.50
17 Pressed Powder £3.99
Rimmel Hide The Blemish Concealer £4.49
Clinique All Over Colour in Plum Poppy £23.50
Nars Blusher in Nico £19.50
Urban Decay Primer Potion £12
NYX Smokey Eyes Palette £8.99
L'Oreal Superliner £6.99
Benefit Eye Bright £14 (free with Glamour)
Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara £8.19 (free with Australian InStyle)
Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Sweetie £4.49 (competition prize)

Total Cost = £138.62

Wow, let's hope that my make-up bag doesn't get lost or stolen (one of my friends had her make-up bag stolen, it happens) as that's how much it'd cost to replace everything. I'm sure a lot of those products have gone up in price since I bought them/started using them...didn't Hide The Blemish used to be £1.99?!

While £138.62 sounds like a lot (and IS a lot) of money, I've had some of the products for a couple of years and quite a few on the list I didn't actually pay for (yeah, I admit it, my make-up collection is the result of a little shoplifting habit..). I'm also quite surprised as to how many products I actually put on my face each list may be shorter than some make-up addicts but I always think of myself as someone who "doesn't wear that much make-up". Doing this has definitely been an eye-opener and hopefully will keep me on track with my attempt at frugality!

How much does your "face" cost you? If you've worked it out, were you surprised?


  1. Mine's normally less than 5quid, depending on my daily choice of lipbalm! x

  2. I'm having a similar kind of month, my total was £75! Not too bad but I have to buy most of these things every 2 months....eeeek! I'd rather have a pair of shoes to be honest! x

  3. Great post! I dread to count up how much mine comes to. Like you, I don't think I wear a lot of make up, but when I count things up I seem to put a lot on my face for a 'natural' look! :P
    Btw I love your earrings, bows are cool :)

  4. WOW! You wouldn't ever think it would cost that much, i'm gonna try and work mine out at some point soon.

    I love your eyes btw!
    Their so big and bright! :)

  5. Great post, it's crazy how expensive the total is. I can imagine mine would be a lot too, what's worse is I don't use half of the make up products I own :S xx

  6. Whoa!! The no 7 mattifying base really is awesome though...
    I can't even wear make-up at the mo because it is too hot and I just sweat it all off, argh! xxx

  7. I'm always again amazed by your big blue eyes! Love the little bow earrings you're wearing, very cute :)
    xoxo F

  8. I like this idea of a post
    Also its great that use use a mixture of drugstore and high end makeup :) x

  9. @ Jenny - wow, that makes me feel like I wear far too much make-up!

    @ Cowbiscuits - It's really scary when you add it all up, maybe better to not think about how much it all costs...

    @ Ash - I think I'd prefer shoes to more make-up right now too...probably a better investment!

    @ Gemx - thank you, they're from Miss Selfridge :)

    @ Stefany - I probably use about a quarter of what I bad!

    @ Lydia - Lee - thank you :)

    @ Charlotteemmahawkins - I've been using it for years now! A tube of it just seems to last forever and it definitely works (although maybe not when its 40 degrees!)

    @ Franzi - thank you :)

    @ Gemma - I try to mix it up a bit - and some drugstore products are really just as good.


  10. This is such a fabulous idea! Definitely a huge eye opener...
    I did my version :
    Really love your blog, now following :)x

  11. This is great, I'm going to work mine out now :)


  12. In reply to above ^ You honestly don't wear too much, I just don't wear any tbh! So lucky the Colour Effects worked for you- I don't think I leave them on long enough :( x

  13. @ Rebecca Lucy - thanks for linking me to your post. And thanks for following :)

    @ LOOK! - looking forward to reading your post on this!

    @ Jenny - I left the Colour Effects on for about 15 minutes although they're always going to make more of a difference to lighter hair. Still, not bad for 99p!


  14. Great post, it's much more than I would have expected! You should get your calculator out and work out how much it costs a day! :P

  15. Your make up looks gorgeous and I adore the lip colour!! I don't wear make up much but that doesn't stop me from buying it, oops!! I'm a fan of brands like Benefit and Mac and whilst they aren't the most expensive around prices do add up so I dread to think what it all costs!! I need to stop buying so many clothes!!

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  16. @ Sophie Isobel - I haven't bought any new make-up since I did this so I think adding it all up has made me realise that I've already spent far too much on make-up! I think my cost per day would be really low as it takes me forever to use up a product!

    @ Hannah - thanks, it's the only lip colour I'm reaching for at the moment! I love Mac but it is pricey...although I'd happily spend the same amount on 4 or 5 drugstore products as it somehow feels less extravagant!


  17. ooh i love this post and i am going to have to do one too. i am cringing at how much mine will add up to........ !!!!

  18. Your lashes are incredible! Love the post - I may count mine up 2!!! :) XxX

  19. Great post, it really makes you think doesn't it?!
    I had my makeup bag stolen once, i'd just bought the YSL touche eclait and was so proud of it because I felt so grown up haha :) I was very sad the day I realised it was gone :(

  20. I'm too scared to do a post like this. I'm afraid of figuring out how much money I spend on makeup.


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