Monday, 7 February 2011

All Dressed Up

These photos are from my mum's birthday meal. My parents and I went to a Chinese buffet that we were really curious to try out. I'm not usually a fan of Chinese food but this place was AMAZING. I couldn't resist taking some pictures of the food, especially as my new camera has a "food mode".

This was the first time I've really made an effort in getting "dressed up" for quite a while so it was fun to do something with my hair (I just curled it in big sections with tongs, sprayed the curls, left them to cool and then backbrushed like crazy!) and wear a dress from the "nice" section of my wardrobe.



Dress: Alice Temperly for Target
Tights: Primark
Earings: Accessorize

And here are my foodie pictures. It was all delicious and even though I really wanted to eat more I was so, so full. I fail at buffets so much!


How cute is the mini Battenburg cake?

Do you like getting dressed up? And what's your favourite restaurant? I'm usually a Wagamama girl :)


  1. Looks like the sort of stuff I love to eat Mmmmm. You have such beautiful eyes :D xxx

  2. Your hair looks really beautiful :) I wish mine would curl like that!

    Your food pictures turned out really lovely :o The colour is so vivid!

  3. You look gorgeous; i love the way your hair looks here, so volumouse and lovely! xo

  4. You look lovely! I brought those tights as well at the weekend and they are so cute :)

    Love the food pictures, everything looks delicious x

  5. @ FromGemWithLove - it was such a yummy treat :) And thank you!

    @ Alex - thanks, I usually find curls drop out of my hair pretty fast but backcombing + lots of hairspray seemed to do the trick!

    @ Fern - thank you :)

    @ Peonies - I'm tempted to get another pair of them, Primark tights are such bargains.


  6. Very pretty! Your hair looks lovely all curly!
    The food looks yummy :)

  7. You look so pretty! And that food looks delish! xx

  8. Ah you look lovely, love the hair.
    I had a chinese buffet at the weekend, far too busy stuffinh my face for pictures. :) I totally succeed at buffets. haha!
    All looks really yummy though.


  9. Ohhh the food looks lovely, i love Chinese but my favourite restaurant is a local Italian.
    Your tights are so cute x

  10. You are so cute! I love your tights. I'm your newest follower, mutual following? x

    hope to see you around

  11. Aww so pretty and all that food looks amazing x

  12. Very pretty!! And has anyone ever told you, you look the actress Amy Adams!?


  13. @ Gemx - thank you, I'm definitely going to break out my curling tongs more often!

    @ Reyna - thank you :)

    @ Kelly - Ah, so jealous! I can't wait to go back to this restaurant - so yummy!

    @ Em - thank you, I love patterned tights at the moment!

    @ Kirsty - thanks for following. Off to check out your blog now!

    @ Stefany - thank you :)

    @ R. - Thank you! No one's ever compared me to her before but she's gorgeous so I'm flattered!


  14. darling you look fantastic!
    i love your dress and your hair is so pretty;)
    Thefood looks delicious by the way!
    You have such a great blog by the way! Im really happy i ran into it! You are very stylish and i like reading your posts:)
    so i'm going to follow you:)
    Hope you come & visit me back & become a follower too!


    have a fabulous day:)

  15. You look so cute, and that food looks so delicious! x

  16. Love getting dressed up! Food looks amazing! I LOVE chinese but I'm a sushi or dim sum girl through and through!!! :) XxX

  17. You look so pretty! Your hair is gorgeous :) Food looks delishh! So hungry right now. I want that dessert!

    and I LOVE getting dressed up! I would name a few of my fav restaurants but they're in Australia so you probably wouldnt have heard of them! xx


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