Friday, 14 January 2011

Winter Florals & Hair Boredom

I got this dress a while ago in the Primark sale (yes, I browse the sale rail, even in Primark). The headscarf is a more recent find, I love how it has a piece of wire sewn into it which keeps it in place really easily. I'm trying to do more interesting things with my hair rather than just pinning it off my face and headscarves are a really easy way to add a bit of interest to it.

I really need to get my haircut soon, it's been far too long and my hair feels realy blah at the moment. I'm almost definitely going to keep it long and just get it tidied up although I keep having thoughts of getting a radical cut or a fringe which will hopefully stop soon...every now and then I consider doing something completely different with my hair but I know I'd regret it if I did...I'm pretty lazy with my hair and don't really care for hair products or heat styling. All I do is wash it every 3-4 days with whatever shampoo and conditioner I can find and then tip my head upside down to rough dry it.

I actually used to have short hair and my hair used to consume my entire life what with dying it every couple of weeks (I've been practically every hair colour from blue black to platinum blonde), backcombing it and trying to get the perfect "emo fringe". I'm not sad that those days are over but I do sometimes miss making a statement with my hair.


Dress: Primark
Headscarf: Diva (it might be available in Miss Selfridge in the UK, I got it from a Diva store in Australia)

Do you have any suggestions as to how I can overcome my hair boredom that don't involve doing anything radical?


  1. I love your new headder, you look so pretty. x

  2. I think you don't need to have your hair cut,
    you are so nice in those photos ......
    cut a little bit , and take care of them with some mask , vitamine, to make it more brillant.
    and shine I hope you underrstood in spite of my bad english

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  3. @ Sia - thank you :) The header was meant to be a temporary one whil I was messing around with my blog layout but think I may stick with it for a bit at least!

    @ The white cabbage - thank you, I think I will just get a trim and try out some deep conditioning treatments to try to get it a bit shinier.


  4. So pretty ^,^
    I am like that with my hair too, I kinda go through stages hehe but in 2 weeks time I am going to be a red head :/ should be interesting haha


  5. i think your hair is fine, but i know what you mean about hair boredom. bangs always give you a totally new look??

  6. Don't get a haircut! I've been growing out my hair for a while now, and it's taking so long!

  7. @ a.tad-bit.dorkii - Definitely want to see some pictures of your hair when you become a redhead!

    @ kirstb - thank you!

    @ oomph - I would love to have bangs, always feel really envious whenever I see someone with them but I don't think they'd work on me as I have a cow's lick - so annoying!

    @ Amaris - Good luck with growing your hair out. I used to have short hair and it took 3 years to get it to the length it is now - that's probably the main reason against me getting it cut!


  8. GET A FRINGE!!! Ha ha I like to live my fringe love through others as my hair is too thin to get a full fringe so it goes all seperated boo :( And I love your dress xx

  9. Love the dress!!!<3

    Stop by my blog sometime dear! Maybe we could follow each other if you like?


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