Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Warm and Thrifty

These are the first tripod shots that I've taken with my new camera. I'm still figuring out the best settings/lighting for outfit shots so these are a work in progress and I will hopefully have better pictures soon.

My outfit today features a thrifty find by my mum. My wardrobe is definitely lacking in warm jumpers so when she saw this knitted cardigan for £2 in a charity shop, she snapped it up for me. It's orignally from Topshop although I'm guessing its from a fair few years back as I haven't seen anything like this in there for a while.



Dress: New Look
Cardigan: Charity Shop (Topshop)
Mittens: Topshop

Have you found any good charity shop bargains recently?


  1. Oh that dress is gorgeous! Nice find on the cardigan too, it's a great feeling when you actually get something good in a charity shop! x

  2. loving the mittens on a string! xxx

  3. I love your dress :) you're very pretty ^ ^

  4. @ Leanne - some bloggers seem to always find amazing clothes in charity shops...I need to find some more motivation to go looking as it is an amazing feeling when you find something nice.

    @ Jellynat - thank you :)

    @ Jennifer - they're so useful - I'm always leaving gloves everywhere so this is fool proof!

    @ Sara.H - thank you :)


  5. I got a preety khaki jacket from a charity shop a little while ago :) Love your dress xx

  6. I haven;t been charity shopping in MONTHS..Love finding gorge things like that

  7. You look cute, love the outfit(:

    I'm having a giveaway for Tiffany and Company jewelry!

    Here is the link if interested! I hope you like my blog(:

  8. I love the mits so cute hehe
    Gotta love thrift shopping - best kind ;]



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