Monday, 31 January 2011

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation

In my last Rimmel VIP delivery, I not only received The Max Bold Curves Mascara but also a bottle of their new foundation: Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation. This hit the shops last week and is priced at £6.99.


Now, I have a beauty blogger confession to make: I've never actually worn foundation . I think I may once have had a bottle of Collection 2000 foundation when I was 14 or 15 but I don't remember ever attempting to put it on my face, I think I just bought it because "grown ups wear foundation". I have pretty good skin most of the time and for some reason the idea of covering it in foundation kinda freaks me out. I think most of us get our first make-up tips from our mothers and as mine has never worn foundation I've never seen it as an make-up bag essential. I usually just use a pressed powder and concealer which I find gives enough coverage for me. "Foundation" gives me visions of a bright orange face and jaw-line tide marks. This is probably a bit of a stupid fear in 2011 as I'm sure foundations are now a million times better than this and most make-up wearing girls probably do use a foundation without ended up orange-faced. But still, I'm scared.

I requested the Rimmel foundation in "Ivory" which is the lightest available shade. I think it is a pretty good match for my pale skin:

The colour and consitency of the foundation.

I decided to try out the foundation on my chin where I've had a nasty little breakout. I'd usually just put concealer over the offending spots and maybe a little pressed powder to set it. I applied the foundation with my fingers as I don't own a foundation brush/sponge. It was quite a thin formula and it disappeared into my skin without looking obvious or changing the colour of my face (phew!). My skin is a little on the dry side at the moment and it didn't make the dryness look worse or cake on my skin like I'd feared it would. The coverage is quite sheer so I still needed a tiny dab of concealer but much less than I'd apply if I were barefaced.

Check out the before and after:



I can't really compare this to other foundations but this seemed like a pretty good, sheer coverage foundation. It didn't flake or wear off my skin during the day and although I only had it on for maybe 14 hours and not 25 (I'm not going to test it for 25 hours - there's no way I could stay up for that long these days and I always take my make-up off before bed) but it was long-lasting.

Do you wear foundation? Will you be purchasing Lasting Finish?

Rimmel are currently holding a competition where you can win one of 5,000 bottles of Lasting Finish - I've won a couple of Rimmel competitions so it's definitely worth entering!

This product was sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are my own.


  1. i also got this, but in a shade to dark for my skin it makes me look liek i've hit the sun bed! SO I will be finding somebody to give it too :P i use a Borjois which is great. xx

  2. @ Cowbiscuits - that's annoying that it's too dark for you, hope you can find someone to pass it on to! x

  3. WOW @ the fact you've never worn foundation! But good for you! I use it everyday- it's one of those things that once you get used to it you feel naked without it.

    I don't wear it so much in Summer. During the day I just put on my sun cream and a bit of pressed powder to reduce shine, as my skin is much nicer in the sun. But at night if I go out or ALL thru Winter I cannnot live without a good foundation!!

  4. I've never worn a liquid foundation, but I do put on a mineral powder foundation. It's very sheer and it mostly helps with my oily skin.
    I want to try a new foundation with some more coverage, but I'm a bit worried about the tango'd effect or icky feeling skin.
    This looks a good colour though, it's just evened out your colouring rather than changing it, I like that :)

  5. Thanks for the review, I need to try a new foundation!

  6. Well, I'm not a fan of foundation in general. I've never loved the "mask" effect. I might wear dramatic eye make up, I prefer when the face looks fresh and natural. Tinted Moisturizer might really be more my thing.

    It's hard to find a foundation with a formula adapted to our need, I don't even talk about the right color (the lighter shade is always too dark for me)... so I stay out of foundation. :)

    (what's your nail polish??)

  7. Ah i just can't seem to find the right foundation for me. Like Gemx i always tend to prefer mineral foundations as they look less cakey and also work best with my oily skin. x

  8. Until recently, I never really wore foundation either, but over Christmas I've discovered some great brands and am now a lot more willing to wear foundation during the day. This sounds quite nice and its a good match for your skin x

  9. I'm the opposite of you, I'm weaning myself off of foundation ha! It's good to know that it is a long lasting formula, I wonder if anyone will test it for 25 hours! xx

  10. @ Haribo - I definitely couldn't wear foundation in the summer! Although I can see the appeal of wearing foundation at night as it does make your skin look more "made up".

    @ Gemx - I like the sound of mineral foundations as they're meant to be good for oily skin and shouldn't cause breakouts.

    @ Hayley - no probs :) this could be a good one to try if you're a fan of liquid foundations.

    @ Nathalie - It's Rimmel's 60 Seconds nail polish in Fast and Fuchsia :) I like tinted moisturisers, they're so much lighter. I'm pale too so I was surprised that this wasn't too dark for me.

    @ Christine Marie - there are so many foundations out there that finding the right one must be so hard. I think that's part of the reason I don't use one as I have combination skin that's also really sensitive so can't see one product really working for me!

    @ Peonies - that's great that you've discovered some good foundations. I guess it's hard to incorporate something into your make-up routine that you haven't used before unless you really, really like it!

    @ Nicola - it'd be great if anyone did test it for 25 hours! Seriously, who can stay awake for that long though?

    Thanks for all sharing your thoughts on foundation!


  11. I just discovered your blog and Im liking it!
    I found you through Jennie at Sailboat. I might have to try this,but Im real pale, so I dont know if I'd just look orange!

  12. @ Cupcake - thanks! Jennie's blog is so lovely :) I was worried about looking orange with this but thankfully didn't! x

  13. aaaah that's the one I use! It's a winner for me, though at times any foundation can be a drag because my skin tone and oiliness/dryness can be variable. I have what is perhaps known as the ultimate combination skin ha. You're so lucky for being able to get away with it, I tend to just wear powder during the day to keep off shine! jazzy ♥

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  15. love the make rimmel lipstick
    the nail polish looks gppd on ur nail :)

  16. love your nail polish!

  17. Oh, makeup post! This is a great review. I'm actually in the process of improving my makeup kit. hehe :)

    Love the nail polish on you!

  18. @ Claire - I have combination skin too, powder is an essential!

    @MizzFattyisCute - thank you :)

    @ Kat - thank you!

    @ noellechantal - thanks, it's one of my favourite polishes as it's so quick to apply.

    @ SweetLikeJelly - thank you :)


  19. love the make rimmel lipstick ! This sounds quite nice and its a good match for your skin !
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