Sunday, 9 January 2011

Review: Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara

I'm always on a quest to find the "perfect" mascara, even when I least expect it. Last month, I was browsing the duty free at Sydney airport, looking for something to spend my last few Aussie dollars on, when I came across the Australian issue of InStyle magazine which had Maybelline's Lash Stiletto mascara as it's freebie. I love magazines and I love mascara so this felt like a gift from the gods of Duty Free (and helped to momentarily cheer me up at the thought of leaving behind beaches and blue skies for sub-zero temperatures in England).

I've only just started using this mascara so thought I'd do a quick review post on it. The packaging is really sleek, especially when compared to some of Maybelline's other offerings (the bright yellow packaging has to be my least favourite thing about the otherwise fabulous Colassal). The brush is a traditional bristle wand but the bristles are arranged in a spiral formation instead of being evenly spaced. The wand is the perfect size for me, big enough to give good coverage in a few strokes but not too big that I end up with black splodges all over my face.


Eye make-up: No 7 Instant Radiance Concealer, UDPP, L'Oreal Superliner in Carbon Gloss, Barry M black kohl pencil.

What else is good?

The brush nicely separates my lashes, fanning them out well. After a whole day of wear and being caught in an unexpected downpour (someone didn't watch the weather forecast this morning) it hasn't smudged or flaked.

What isn't so good?

While this is a black mascara, I think it looks slighly grey once dry on my lashes. It doesn't have that true glossy black finish so my lashes look a little dusty and dull. I don't think this mascara is as buildable as others...I didn't feel like I could put any more on my lashes than this without ending up in a clumpy mess.

Would I repurchase?

I'm such a mascara flirt and rarely repurchase the same one. I also prefer a more dramatic look and next on my list to try is Maybelline's Falsies.

Have you tried Lash Stiletto?


  1. This is one of the Maybelline mascaras I do like.I have no idea why.This and Pulse perfection that noone seems to like, work wonders with my lashes.
    Be careful with the Falsies one, as poking your eye with its (weird) brush is quite easy.And it creates spider lashes, at least to me.
    Great review hun!

  2. Hi! Haven't tried that one. But one of the best I've ever used (for a decade it's probably been a favorite) is L'oreal Lash-Out mascara. I live in the states- but if you have that brand where you live, it's worth a try for sure.

  3. @ Ria - I've not tried Pulse Perfection but it always looks so good when people use it. Thanks for the Falsies tip - I'm quite clumsy with msacara wands so maybe it's not for me!

    @HereIAm - The only L'Oreal mascara I've used is Voluminous which I loved, I'll have to look out for Lash-Out, I'm not sure if it's available in the UK though...


  4. I used to love this so much but I think I love The Falsies even more. I love that the Stiletto's brush really grabs the lashes and lenghtens them, but it dries up so fast )=

  5. have never tried it but thank you for a nice review!

  6. @ Gaby - that's annoying that it dries up fast...I pile on so much mascara that some only last me a few weeks before they dry out :/

    @ fhen - no worries, hope it was helpful!


  7. Nice review, I might try this next. I never repurchase mascara either, I just flit between them! I've just used up my Falsies and it's been pretty good, but it started to dry out the last couple of weeks. I like the weird spoon wand it has :)

  8. I love Lash Stiletto, one of my all time favourites :) I don't find it dries out too quick! xo

  9. I've tried this too, i like it but not one of my favourites.

    Sadie x

  10. Great post! I love how you never buy the same mascara lol. Following and supporting!

  11. @ Gemx - There are so many mascaras out there, if I ever find one I repurchase again and again I'll be shocked!

    @ Leanne - Another Lash Stiletto fan!

    @ Sadie - I think I feel the same about it...maybe it'll grow on me as I use it more.

    @ AmericanMakeup - thanks for following :)


  12. I LOVE lash stiletto its great!! xx

  13. Have u tried Lash Accellerator mascara - its amazing I swear by it! Tho my fave atm is Chanel! Got it for £1 from a beauty sample sale!!! XxX

  14. That looks so great! That's definitely something I want to look into doing. :)
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