Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The Max Bold Curves Mascara

As a mascara addict, I was delighted when I opened my first Rimmel VIP challenge of 2011 to find their latest mascara offering: The Max Bold Curves. I was also sent a bottle of their Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation which officially launced today (my review is on its way).

Rimmel say:

"Take curvy, bold lashes to the max with The Max Bold Curves Mascara. Not only will it give your flirtatious flutters up to 14x more volume, it will also create unmissable lashes with up to 70% more lift. Exclusive formula with collagen thickens lashes, while keratin helps to make them stronger, sleeker and shinier. And with our biggest, most curvaceous Bold-Lift brush, you can max out every lash in a flash! Big, bold curves are back, it’s time to flutter away girls."


What do I think?

I always curl my lashes before applying mascara but this definitely enhanced their curl and really lifted my lashes upwards. I've never had much luck with curved brushes in the past but after a few tries, I really like this one as it really "grabs" my lashes and pulls them out leaving them defined and separated. I don't think this volumised my lashes as much as I was expecting it to but it definitely made them look longer by curling them upwards. I really liked how "black" this mascara was (some dry to a weird dusty grey) and how my lashes still felt smooth and glossy.

I'd recommend this to fans of large, bristle brushes (think Benefit Bad Gal, L'Oreal Voluminous, Maybelline Collossal) as its a great everyday mascara which enhances the curl of your lashes and gives a lovely uniform flutter.

Rimmel Bold Curves Mascara is available at Boots, Superdrug and ASOS. RRP £6.69.

Have you tried Rimmel Bold Curves?

I was send this as part of the Rimmel VIP program. All opinions of the product are my own.

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  1. I got these in the post last week from VIP too!! xx

  2. great review! the curl looks really impressive from the side; xo

  3. It looks good, great review :)

  4. Thanks for the great review! xx

  5. I'm a big fan of Benefit Bad Gal so this sounds great and your lashes are looking fab!!!

    Hannah xx

  6. @ Sweetchie85 - hope you're enjoying the Rimmel products too :)

    @ Fern - thank you. I was really pleased with how much of a difference it made to the curl of my lashes!

    @ Olivia - thank you!

    @ Reyna - thank you!

    @ Suzin S - thank you!

    @ Sia - thanks!

    @ Hannah - I'd definitely reccommend it if you like big brushed mascaras, it's a bargain too!


  7. Great review! Your lashes always look fab! :)

  8. Great review! I really like this mascara myself :) I keep recommending it to everyone!

  9. It looks really great :) Thanks for the review!

  10. Wow I have lash length envy! It does give a good curl!

  11. The result looks great! I wish my lashes were as long as yours!
    xoxo F

  12. Wow this looks really good. Rimmel seem to be releasing lots of nice mascara recently x

  13. @ Gemx - thank you :)

    @ Sara.H - ooh, another fan! I'm liking this even more now that I've got more used to the brush.

    @ Alex - thank you :)

    @ Pearl - it definitely gives a really good curl!

    @ Franzi - thanks :) My lashes are quite long naturally but they're really fair so lots of mascara is a must!

    @ Peonies - I agree, I loved Lash Accelerator too and their mascaras are so affordable!


  14. nice post!! you have such nice eyelashes ^-^
    i wish asians had long eyelashes like yours :(

  15. these are beautiful photos that really highlight the mascara. very nice!

    Oh to Be a Muse

  16. Yes i got one of these too it's really great! xx

  17. This is currently my favorite! <3
    I have short, thin lashes & I felt this mascara really does something really well - love it! <3

  18. hi. thanks for lettin my share ur opinion of this mascara on my post. ive also reviewed it myself, do check out my blog for my personal take on this mascara.

    cheers & thanks again! :)


  19. Hi Lily. Maybe you have to know, about this blog ... I think that girl stole everyone photos at her blog.


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