Saturday, 29 January 2011

A Few Of My Favourite Things: January 29th

An extended "favourites" post today as I've got quite a bit to show you and this crappy weather has made getting decent pictures near impossible.


1. Topshop Heeled Loafers
It was love at first site when I saw these on the Topshop website. By the time I actually got around to going to a store and trying them on, every colour had sold out in my size (37) apart from the patent black. I really, really wanted the mum phoned four stores to see if they had them and my dad even got involved with the shoe hunt, phoning the stores near where he worked but we had no luck. My mum said that all the SA's she spoke to were very helpful, Mary Portas - be impressed! I'm still in love with my black pair, they're really comfortable and look nice and smart so are helping my wardrobe to grow up stylishly.

2. Nails Inc for Diet Coke
Combining my love of Diet Coke and beauty freebies, these are my four polishes from this year's collection. I don't think I like the colours as much as last year's but they were free so I can't complain! There are loads of swatch posts of these shades, Leanne's are great. I think my favourite is "Heather Grey".

3. Fabulous! Models Own
This year's Fabulous make-up freebie. Not a bad little make-up bag for the £2 spent collecting the tokens. I've yet to actually use any of the make-up but I'll try to post some pictures when I get round to it. It always takes me ages to use new products...are you the same or do you start using new purchases straight away?

I made an Avon order last week as my mum's friend's 15 year old daughter is an Avon lady. I had a browse of the catelogue and bought a few basic bathroom-y bit and couldn't resisit this Colortrend heart-shaped lipstick:


It was only £1! It's really sheer and the colour is much pinker than it looks in the tube and brochure swatches:


Lastly, over the last couple of weeks I've signed up to both Lookbook and Chictopia. I was curious about the sites after seeing them on numerous other blogs and thought I'd give them a go. I'm not so sure about Lookbook (I don't like how all your outfit posts have a big fat "0" next to them until someone "hypes" you) but I really like Chictopia. Everyone is very friendly and it seems like a lot of users are "normal" girls. It's a great source of style inspiration and has definitely made me consider new ways of wearing clothes I already have.


What are your favourite things this week?


  1. I love the shoes! I can never wear such nice shoes, I can't seem to keep them on my feet without walking like an idiot! :/
    The heart lipstick is so cute and a really pretty colour :) x

  2. OMG!! I want those TOPSHOP shoes. x

  3. I love the nail polishers, great colors:)))

  4. You have some lovely things. The shoes are lush!

    The Flower Girl


  5. love the loafers, they look brilliant. i bought some topshop loafers last year but they are so uncomfortable I can't wear them, it a shame because I think they look lovely!!! The heart shaped lip stick looks amazing too, the design and the colour =)

    Hannah xx

  6. I love your shoes and this lip color looks very pretty on you :)

  7. @ Gemx - the shoes are great, so comfortable - can't wait to start wearing them!

    @ Sia - I feel in love with them as soon as I saw them online :)

    @ Raya - they're great Spring nail colours :)

    @ Becky-May - thanks!

    @ Hannah - that's a shame they're uncomfortable, I have a pair of Topshop boots that I've only worn once as they were so uncomfortable...

    @ Kristen - thanks!

    @ Sara.H - thank you - I couldn't resist the heart shaped design!


  8. OMG those shoes are amazing! I've been neglecting Topshop lately. That lippie is so cute! xx

  9. I love those shoes- I might have to pinch them off you xxx

  10. oh wow those topshop loafers are just perfect !

  11. i prefer chictopia too :) lookbook to me feels quite exclusive unless you are simultaneously a stylist, model and photographer. haha

    great post, the heart shaped lipstick is so adorable! i love nails inc. polishes! great patent loafers xxx

  12. Love the topshop loafers, they're gorgeous!! The lippie is lovely too. My fav thing this week still has to be my new bag, I'm obsessed with it haha x

  13. The Avon lipstick looks gorgeous, and what a bargain!

  14. that lippy colour is gorge xxxx

  15. I'm the exact same for using new products! It takes me so long to get round to even open them, I think I just love the new-ness :o) Love the heart shaped lipstick too, sooo cute!


  16. the lip colour is gorgeous!

    Check out my blog and if you like it please subscribe :)


  17. I have that lipstick! (I'm an Avon lady too lol) I wear it all the time, I'll be sad when it runs out as I think they're discontinuing it?
    Love the loafers, I really need some 'grown-up' shoes!
    You have a new follower :)

  18. Love the loafers and consideing they are from Topshop they look really luxe. Think they'd be great with the nude coloured nails


  19. I love that lipstick! I'm surprised I haven't seen more heart shaped ones before!

  20. eh! The heart shaped lippie is sooooo cute! If I ever get one, I don't think I'll ever use it in fear of ruining the shape =/

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