Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Shell Ring

How gorgeous is this ring? It's made from a real shell, so pretty. It's actually really comfortable to wear as it fits my finger perfectly. It may be a little summery but I'm wearing it regardless - I bought it when I was in Byron Bay a few weeks ago so every time I see it it reminds me of the amazing time I had travelling (haha, I sound like such a cliched "Gap Yah") and brings back memories of some much-needed sun!


Ring: Bongo Beads, Byron Bay
Nails: Essie - Lollipop

It also makes me think of these chocolates, which I used to love when I was little!

What accessories are you loving at the moment?


  1. Wow, that looks so cute! I want one :)


  2. Statment jewelry! I can look like I made an effort when in reality I didnt, lol.

  3. Ah that's lovely, and so unusual, will remind you of travelling which is lovely to.

    I love big rings at the moment, and I'm getting into brooches.


  4. genuinely never seen anything like that before, it's gorgeous! x

  5. That ring is fabulous!
    It's so unique!


  6. @ Katie - I wish I'd bought more than one was only around £7 :(

    @ Abbie - haha, I love statement jewellery and red lips for looking like I've made a lot of effort when really, I haven't at all!

    @ Kelly - ooh, brooches are fab too. I love vintage ones and cameos.

    @ Danniekate - thank you :) It's so clever how it's made just from a shell.

    @ Vikki - all the ones in the shop were different - I spent ages deciding on mine!


  7. wow i love the ring, really different and one of a kind :) im loving my nan's old scarf at the mo xxx

  8. cute blog! and hmm i'm a big fan of bow tights that i recently bought <3

  9. What a lovely ring. Thanks for sharing, love Sia x

  10. That's so pretty! I always prefers jewellery that reminds me of something, whether it's a holiday or a loved one.

  11. wow! i love the ring, its so eyecatching but yet unusual - just what you want in a piece of jewellry in my opinion! :)


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