Monday, 13 December 2010

Perfect Powders

Considering that my blog started out as a "make-up blog", I haven't done a make-up related post for a long time. So today, I'm going to be talking about my make-up essential: powder. Over the years, I've tried so many in a bid to rid myself of a shiny nose and these are now my favourites. While my skin is now far less oily than when I was a teenager, I still have shiny nose paranoia and am definitely a touch-ups girl - I'm so envious of people who can apply their make-up in the morning and still look flawless after a long day.

What do I look for in a powder:

- must have a mirror (see above: touch-ups!)
- must not block my pores or cause break-outs
- must be pale enough for my skintone but not leave me looking like I've dusted my face in talcum powder
- must control shine!

Here is my current powder collection:



Clockwise left-right:

ELF Complextion Perfection Powder

This is from ELF's Studio Range so comes in at £3.50. I bought this out of pure curiosity as I'd never used colour correcting powders before and was pleasantly surprised. The powder is very fine, feels really light on my skin and doesn't leave me with a pastel shaded face! I apply this with an ELF powder brush and swirl all the colours together. Occasionally, I use the green powder by itself to tone down redness or dot over blemishes.

Great for: sheer coverage, a natural look and "no make-up" looks

Clinique Loose Powder in Translucent

My most expensive powder at £19.00 but definitely worth the money. I've had my pot for around two years and there's still a lot of product left. This is a really light powder, great for setting make-up - I like to dust it on lightly with my ELF brush although the brush that comes with it isn't too bad either. I use this in the mornings as my powder and then take a compact one out with me for touch-ups. The major downside to this is that it doesn't travel well at all - it must be kept upright at all times to avoid big powdery messes.

Great for: Dressing table glamour, natural light coverage

Rimmel Renew and Lift Powder - True Ivory

This was around £6 from Boots. I'd never tried a Rimmel powder before and was drawn in my the word "mineral" on the packaging and by the cute embossed crown on the powder. The packaging of this is pretty good for a drug store product - there's a mirror and a ventilated space for a sponge underneath the powder and the compact is nice and sturdy so it's great for carrying around in your make-up bag. This provides the heaviest coverage of all the powders I own. I don't ever wear foundation so this is what I reach for on nights out when I want my skin to look more "made-up" and flawless for photos. The consistency of this is more creamy than my other powders so it'd be good for drier skins but it still does a good job at controlling shine. I do feel like this clogs my pores a little more which is why I save it for special occasions only.

Great for: fuller coverage and drier skins

Clinique Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Powder in Stay Buff

The first ever powder that I owned, this was my HG powder for around five years so I've worked my way through a fair few of these! At £16.50 this is a more pricey powder but it, like all of Clinique's products, is allergy tested and fragrance free so it's great for sensitive skin. I used to suffer from eczema so when I first started wearing make-up I only used to use Clinique products and I never had any reactions to them. This powder provides medium coverage and does a great job of controlling shine while also evenining out my skin. My only gripe with this is that I always felt like "Stay Buff" was just a little too dark for my skintype but I've just seen on the Clinique website that they now do a paler shade, "Invisible Matte" which I'll definitely try next time.

Great for: sensitive skin and beating shine

17 Oil Control Powder

My current HG powder costs only £3.49 - bargain! I stumbled across this a few years ago when I forgot my make-up bag and had to make a lunchtime dash to Boots to buy a new powder as the thought of spending the day with shiny skin was just too awful to contemplate! I ended up grabbing this as it was cheap, thinking I'd just use it for that one day and then go back to my Clinique. That was not so, this powder is amazing - it feels so light on my skin, is the perfect shade for me and really controls shine. Since switching to this I feel like my pores look a lot smaller and that this powder doesn't clog them at all. The powder compact itself has a big mirror which is great for checking that your make-ups still in place. This powder is light enough to be used over foundation if you wear it and it definitely defeats shine just as well as the Clinique powder does.

Great for: everyday use, touch-ups and beating the shine!

Do you use powder? Which are you favourites?


  1. Thanks for sharing, I need to get the ELF one. I've heard very good thing about the range. Love Sia x

  2. Right now I'm using mac MSF in natural, but to be honest I've always sworn my rimmel clear complexion powder in translucent. I have never been able to wear foundation without a bit of powder on top :( so thank you for sharing your current collection! Its the kinda thing you dont know how good it is until youve bought it and are actually using it xx

  3. I use the 17 powder too :)
    I've never used anything else and i've repurchased it so many times! I tried MAC MSF but switched straight back to it so it proves how good drugstore products can be

  4. I have the ELF one but don't reach for it very often. I'm definitely going to pick up the 17 one tomorrow as I'm very pale too, and my T Zone is a disaster my lunch time!
    If you like Urban Decay check out my Book of Shadows III Giveaway!
    Kat x

  5. @ Ayden - I've used Clear Complexion in the past, just wish it had a mirror in the compact as it always used to pop open in my bag.

    @ Caz - definitely agree that drugstore products can be just as good, if not better than high-end ones :)

    @ Kat - hope the 17 powder works for you, I'm so glad I stumbled across it as now I can't live without it!


  6. I've alternate between mac msf natural and mac prep and prime - I can only wear prep and prime on good skin days or else it aggravates my break out its which is a bit annoying! I really want to try the elf HD powder! xx

  7. Wow the 17 powder sounds amazing and it's so cheap!


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