Friday, 31 December 2010

2010: Another Year Over

Hope you had a wonderful evening brining in the New Year. I'm a little late with this post but wanted to do a round-up of 2010 - I'm not usually one for getting overly excited about the new year or making resolutions but 2010 was one of the best years of my life and it just feels right to sit back and reflect on everything that's happened and look forward to what 2011 will bring.



Starting the year with snow, a new addition to the family: Sonny the canary, placing my bets and wearing my hat at Ascot, learning how to make sushi, the Elephant Parade taking over London - they made me smile everytime I walked past one, watching the tennis and eating strawberries (minus the cream) at Wimbledon, graduating with a First Class degree, mini-breaks in Milan, Munich and Barcelona, pumpkin carving at Halloween, an epic 6 week Australian adventure and feeling festive at Somerset House.

What a year!

Goals for 2011:

2011 is going to be a big year too. I'm starting law school in February and starting my job in September. I'm no longer a student and will be taking my first steps in the scary adult world. However, I still want it to be a fun-filled and memorable-for-all-the-right-reasons year. So, I resolve to...

Think before I purchase. This applies to everything - fashion, make-up, food. I'm trying to stop impulse buying and buying for the sake of buying. I need to evolve my style and invest in quality classic pieces rather than throw-away fashion. I also have plenty of make-up so the things I do buy will be things that I really, really want from brands that I know work for me and that I'll actually use.

I look after my skin better. I will find a skincare routine and stick to it and I will NOT pick my spots. I'm so guilty picking and squeezing and it's just disgusting. Admitting my bad habit is the first step towards stopping it, right?

I will drink more water and less Diet Coke. Ok, so I say this every day but I have a bit of a Diet Coke problem and I'm trying to cut back. Water is free and 100 times better for my skin, hair and body. Although I do believe in "everything in moderation" and I don't drink/smoke/do drugs so one can a day is not going to kill me!

I will try to prepare more food from scratch and eat less processed food. I think my diet is pretty healthy (my work colleagues nearly died of shock when I ate an M&S mini bite last week) but I want to try new things, prepare more of my own food and hopefully have more energy and better skin and hair as a result.

I will improve my fitness and work towards a fitness goal. I'm bored of gymming just to burn calories and want to feel as if I've achieved something more than "woo, 500 calories burnt today". I'd love to take part in the Race For Life or something similar.

I will worry less and be more positive. I'm always worrying about things going wrong, failing at what I'm doing and reading far too much into silly situations. I hope that this year has shown me what I can achieve and that I should have a bit more confidence in my own abilities. I'm not going to go all arrogant and big-headed but I am going to try to believe in myself more and not attribute every good thing that happens to luck/a fluke.

And finally...

I will continue to blog - I can't imagine my life without blogging now and I will definitely be keeping it up in the new year. I've discovered so many new products, found a lot of inspiration and "met" some genuinely lovely girls through blogging and so here's to another year of it!

What are your resolutions?


  1. great resolutions.. i like reading resolutions and lists. I don't really have one.. I think save more. and think before I purchase more aswell.

  2. oooo I love this,I've done a list on my blog of what mine are.I will stick to them too whether I like it or not!! Happy New Year chick xxx

  3. 2011 sounds like it's set to be pretty exciting for you already! Good luck with the resolutions, they all seem pretty achieveable- putting an end to impulse buying is my favourite, I think we're all very guilty of that!x

  4. Happy New Year!
    I have so many of the same goals as you - mainly the cutting down on shopping and diet coke! I currently drink about 3 a day - yikes!
    I just watched a show on tLC where a girl was addicted to coke and drank up to 30 cans a day though - so that made me feel a bit better =P

  5. Happy New Year :)
    Good Luck with your resolutions and I hope you have an amazing 2011 xx

  6. Your goals for 2011 are really cool. I think the exercise and cooking ones are so funny because those are things I should be doing this year. However I won't lie to myself and say I will, lol. Thanks for shearing, love Sia x

  7. Hope you had a wonderful New Year!

  8. ciao,
    I've read your post carefully.
    what you wrote is full of common sense and i've appreciated it so much.
    I'm a new blogger ...may I ask you to visit my blog, and if you like it become my follower?
    I'll do back

    have a nice day

  9. @ Cylia - Saving more is definitely a good resolution to have :)

    @ Ray - I read your post - Good luck with keeping to your resolutions!

    @ Emily Charlotte - not making impulse purchases is going to be so hard, but hopefully worth it when I have more money to spend on things I really need/want.

    @ Miss Kimmy - 30 cans?! Wow. That makes me feel a bit better!

    @ Caz - thank you :) Hope you have a fantastic 2011 too.

    @ Sia - I guess its good to be realistic with resolutions! I hope that mine are achieveable and that I do actually follow them through into the rest of the new year :)

    @ Audry Allure - thank you, I had a really great NYE, hope you did too!

    @ The White Cabbage - glad you liked the post, off to visit your blog now :)


  10. Wow sounds like you had a great 2010, hope 2011 is even better for you :) ♥

  11. Love the resolutions and love your blog even more! I've tried to make pledges this year, more like promises to keep to myself as I am so awful at keeping resolutions normally! I'm joining the fitness bandwagon and definitely feel like a race for life or something might give me a target rather than doing it for doing its sake!

    Lauren xxx


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