Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Hello, November!

I can't believe how fast this year is flying by. November has got off to a good start with freebies and offers so thought I'd share the additions to my ever-growing make-up collection...

1. Magazine Freebies

Glamour magazine has a free Nails Inc polish this month. This is the third year that I've got a free Nails Inc polish from Glamour and while I'm not a huge fan of the brand (I find the thin brush and bulky lid makes the polish really hard to apply) it's a great way to try out an £11.50 nail polish for only £2. I subscribe to Glamour so got sent Jermyn Street which is a gorgeous minky brown.

I also picked up this month's Marie Claire which came with a gorgeous "Made" bracelet. There are three to choose from but my WHSmith only had the blue.


I didn't have time to actually paint my nails, just showing off the bottle in close-up!

2. Clinique Mascara Trade-In


I was tipped of by The London Beauty Review about this deal. If you take your old, dried out mascara into a Boots store with a Clinque counter you'll be able to trade it in for a sample of either High Lengths or High Impact mascara. Full size Clinique mascaras are around £14 so it's a great opportunity to try out a high end mascara for free (I'm sure we've all got an old mascara lurking in the bottom of our make-up bags). I took in my old Max Factor Masterpiece Max and chose a High Lengths sample in exchange as I've purchased High Impact in the past. I love the white packaging and the brush of this mascara is so unusual. It's a curved rubber comb and only has bristles on one side so applying it is just like using a lash comb. The brush allows you to coat the inner corner lashes that bigger brushes can miss which gives a wide-eyed look and the flexible wand really allows you to lengthen every last.

I love how long and cleanly separated my lashes look with this mascara. While the brush felt strange to use at first once I'd got the hang of it the mascara applies smoothly and without clumping. I would definitely consider purchasing this when Cliniqe next have a "Bonus Time" offer.

3. No 7 £5 Vouchers


Swatch: Shimmering Eye and Lip Protector on top, Concealer in Fair underneath

I love it when Boots do the No 7 £5 vouchers as its a great way of stocking up on No 7 products at bargain prices. I had three vouchers to spend this month and so picked up a pack of No 7 wipes for £2.25 instead of £7.25. These are my favourite wipes as they quickly remove all my eye make-up remover and each wipe is really thick so I only need to use one to remove all my make-up. I also love the packaging of these as the clickable lid stops the wipes from drying out.

I also got a concealer for £3 instead of £8 as my Rimmel Hide The Blemish is nearly finished. The packaging of this is really nice, it looks more like a lipstick than a concealer - great for quick touch-ups on the go.

Finally, I got the Shimmering Eye and Lip protector. I'm off to Australia soon so hopefully this will be useful for protecting my lips and eyelids from the sun while giving them a shimmery sheen. This was £2.25 instead of £7.25.

What did you purchase with the No 7 £5 vouchers?

Finally, I'll leave you with a FOTD as it's been ages since I've done one!


I thought I'd go for a Taylor Momsen-inspired dark lip with my new Clinique mascara.

Rimmel Hide the Blemish Concealer - under eyes and on imperfections
17 Oil Control Pressed Powder - on t-zone
Nars Nico Blusher

Mac Rubenesque Paint Pot
L'Oreal Carbon Gloss Superliner
Clinique High Lengths mascara

Rimmel Colour Show Off Lipstick - Stare at Me


  1. oh wow i almost forgot about my No.7 voucher! better get in there quickly!!
    The mascara looks amazing x

  2. I love that bracelet!! And your lashes look amazing! x

  3. you did really well with all the free stuff, well done! I live in Malta and in my nearest shop once the magazines get here they are always without the freebies- naughty naughty!
    And I sooooo miss No 7!! x

  4. I love the No7 vouchers aswell, such a great idea.

    That mascara is working wonders on your lashes.


  5. oooh cool is that free mascara deal still running? xxx

  6. I love the clinique mascara and think I'll have to take one of my old mascaras in to go get a sample of it as well :) xxx

  7. @ Cowbiscuits - hope you pick up a good No 7 bargain!

    @ Haribo - that's so annoying that you miss out on freebies :( there have been some really good ones about lately in the UK

    @ Emma - I think it's running for the next week or so - I went to the Boots on Oxford Street and they had loads of samples to give out

    @ Katy - its an amazing mascara so definitely worth a trip to a Boots with a Clinique counter.


  8. i am soooo doing that mascara thing! what an amazing swap. i bought glamour today, went for the sort of plum red nails inc. im not a fan of the brand either but wont say no to a free nailpolish!! im surprised that most makeup wipes dont have a clickable lid. the plastic always loses its stick and they dry out so quick!xx

  9. The mascara has done an amazing job! Beautiful! :)
    Lovely blog! I am your new follower :)
    Hope you atop by and visit my blog too ^_^
    Have a nice day!

  10. great post! thanks so much for sharing that clinique offer :)

  11. The mascara looks really good on you and that bracelet is lovely x

  12. @ Sian - I saw the plum red nail polish in WHSmith today, looks gorgeous!

    @ Sara.H - thanks for following, checking out your blog now :)

    @ paperheart - no worries, hope you get a chance to pick up a sample mascara

    @ Peonies - thank you :)


  13. I managed to get one of those bracelets in Blue too. I really wanted the Green one though!

    Bryden x



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