Saturday, 13 November 2010

Child's Play

Being 5'1 doesn't have many fashion advantages. Maxidresses are practically a health hazard, trousers are always far too long and heels are a daily essential. Last week, I was browsing in M&S for a birthday card for a friend when a rack of gorgeous dresses caughty my eye. This turned out to be the children's sale rail! This floral dress has been reduced to £7 so I snapped it up and completely forgot about the birthday card I was supposed to be buying.


Dress & shrug: M&S Limited Collection Girls, Tshirt: H&M

The dress is quite summery so I teamed it with leggings and a grey tshirt underneath. I love the gathering on the skirt and the cute khaki shrug that came with it. I'll definitely be browsing in the children's sections more for bargains. FYI, I got this dress in age 15 and I'm a size 8-10 in "adult sizes" so don't think that you have to be teeny tiny to fit into children's clothes!

Do you ever browse in the children's section?


  1. That outfit looks beautiful! & yes, I do sometimes have a browse in the children's section haha. The children's section is also cheaper so may as well!


  2. I'm 5'1/2 so I understand how hard it is to find trousers and dresses to fit. I have almost given up on dresses because they come down to below my knees and it just looks ridiculous! I might have a look in the children's section next time I am in town though. xxx

  3. You're so pretty! Lovely post<3.

  4. Well, I'm approx 5'2 so yes, I too indulge in the children's section sometimes! I like tees with silly prints and it's easier to find cute stuff in the little girls' department...I used to buy t-shirts from the Teddy Bear Company shop every time I came to the UK, you know, stuff for 5-year-olds! Hope you're having fun In Australia, I envy you so much right now :))! xx

  5. i'm a shorty as well woo :), nice outfit xx

  6. I love this post! I always, always, always buy childrens clothes! I'm about 5 foot 4 and quite slim, a size 6-8 so tshirts and skirts i often get from kids sections. When I lived in the UK I always went straight to tescos kids section as they were so cheap :)

    good bargain and looks great, well done!

  7. LOVE the dress!!!

  8. This is adorable! I dont usually look in the childrens section. I find they dont flatter me the same.

  9. omg totally following you - why? - because i am 5ft 1 and a haaaaaaaaalf!!!! :)

    i dont look in the childrens section because my silly boobs are too damn big heehee x

  10. cute clothes! & I always search in the children's section! Sometimes they are the cutest clothes :D

  11. Aaaww, cute outfit!



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