Friday, 29 October 2010

Taste Of Her Cherry Chapstick

My least favourite thing about winter: dry lips. Ever since the weather turned cold, my lips have been so dry that my lipstick collection has barely been touched and I've developed OCD about applying lipbalm.

Here is my collection (I actually don't own a Cherry Chapstick, do they even still make them?!):


L-R: This Works: Turbo Balm, Agatha Ruiz De La Prada Tutti Fruitti Beaute Des Levres, Superdrug Little Green Tin, Vaseline Rosy Lips, Boots Tinted Lipsalve, Carmex Cherry

My thoughts:

Turbo Balm £10 8/10
This balm boasts natural ingredients which is great as a large amount of what we put on our lips probably ends up being eaten (doesn't an average woman eat something like 8lbs of lipstick in a lifetime? Gross!). It smells gorgeous, probably due to the Rose it contains along with Cocoa butter and Monoi and can also be used on dry skin and cuticles. The only downside is the £10 price tag - crazy!

Tutti Frutti around £2.50 6/10
I bought this in Nice airport last year with my remaining Euro coins. It smells gorgeous, very sweet and fruity which goes nicely with the bright packaging. It contains Vitamin E to help nourish lips but I don't find this as moisturising as my other balms.

Little Green Tin 95p 7/10
The cheapest of my collection. This is Superdrug's dupe of the Vaseline Lip Therapy range. This Aloe Vera balm has a gorgeous apple fragrance which I personally love although if you don't like apples/apple flavoured things then it's not for you! As a basic petroleum jelly balm I don't find this particularly moisturising and it can make my lips feel greasy if I apply too much. Still, for the price its not bad and its great for using on dry skin too.

Vaseline Rosy Lips £1.59 9/10
Part of the Vaseline Lip Therapy range, this pink-coloured balm smells gorgeous and leaves my lips slightly tinted pink. The Rose and Almond Oil in this make it really moisturising and it leaves lips shiney and healthy looking - great for days when you don't want to wear lipstick. I used this loads over the summer and the smell really reminds me of sunny days. The pink tint means that its not suitable for use on dry skin - pink knees would not be a good look!

Boots Essentials Tinted Lipsalve 99p 7/10
I really like the stick application of this product as pot lipbalms can be messy and probably aren't the most hygenic. This bargain balm has a pink tint to it which is definitely noticeable on my lips, more so than the Vaseline tinted balm. Its fragrance free so great if you don't like scented lip products and I tend to reach for this when I want a natural look or as a base for pink-toned lipsticks.

Carmex Cherry £2.49 10/10
I only bought this last week but this has to be my favourite of the lot. I'd never used a Carmex balm before - I can't believe I waited so long to try it. I chose the tube as its more hygenic and also wanted a lipbalm with SPF 15 in to protect my lips from the sun when I'm travelling. The balm has quite a strong smell to it - menthol with a hint of Cherry, it's smells less "medical" than the traditional Carmex. The balm contains Camphor and Menthol which make it tingle when applied and it made a difference in only a few hours to my nasty dried out lips. I like how this leaves my lips slightly shiney but not greasy and it makes a great base for lipstick. I really want to try the Mint Carmex next. I'm definitely a Carmex convert!

What's your favourite lipbalm? Anything else I need to try?


  1. haha this is one amazing collection.
    i LOVE anything hurraw and lush's new christmas one (maple taffy)
    x enter my giveaway?

  2. I love Simple's Lip Therapy - its so moisturising and leaves your lips lovely and glossy! Im also tempted by the new Shea Butter Vaseline! :)x

  3. I need to try the cherry carmex, i can't stand the paly dough smell of the original

    I keep the nivea essential stick at work with me, not long lasting but good for a quick application between customers!

  4. I'm a lipbalm addict - I've got around 9/10, and my favourites have to be 'French Vanilla' (look in Boots or Superdrug?!) and 'Blistex Conditioning Lip Balm'. I adore the medical traditional smell of Carmex but it's a tad too gooey... you'll find you have to cut your tube at the end because after a while the product stockpiles within the tube! x

  5. Love this, on the look out for a new balm for winter.


  6. loved reading your reviews! the rosy vaseline is my go to product! i did manage to get some cola and sprite flavoured chapsticks the other way. they were a steal at just £1.50 each in primark! xx

  7. I love the vasaline lip pots.
    Only problem is I find them quite hard to open!


  8. My favourite is this little coconut one from Primark, but it reminds me of sweet popcorn to be fair. Yum.

  9. I'm dying to try Carmex, but for now I stick to Burt's Bees as it seems to be the only one my lips "accept". I develop weird allergic reactions to other non-natural lipbalms X_X

  10. I've never seen the little green tin, only the pink one - i love aloe vera though, definately going to look out for it :)

  11. @ Hiven - I was so tempted by Lush's Maple Taffy a couple of days ago, smells so sweet and yummy!

    @ Daisy - the Shea Butter Vaseline sounds gorgeous :)

    @ Jenny - thanks for the tip! I hate how tubes stockpile so much product when you think they're empty!

    @ Belle - Cola and Sprite flavours sound amazing!

    @ Gaby - I really want to try the Burt's Bees lipbalms :)

  12. I love the cherry carmex! must get me some more! Im currently using Lush's Maple Taffy its amazing! xx

  13. Personally I think Blistex lip products are the best - I love the intensive lip cream (for very dry/chapped lips) and I can't wait to try the new Med Plus Cherry Berry lip balm :)

  14. I love Vaseline Rosy Lips :)
    I've never tried Carmex before but i've heard lots of good things about it so i'll definitely try and pick one up soon!
    My favourite lip balm is Burt's Bees :)

  15. @ Cowbiscuits - I'm definitely going to ask for Maple Taffy for Xmas!

    @ Naomi - I've never tried any Blistex products before but they sound really good for dry lips

    @ Caz - Burt's Bees is next on my lipbalm list :)


  16. Love the cherry carmax and vaseline...
    another excellent one to try is EOS (Evolution of Smooth) It's soo nice and moisturising... it also has a very unique shape too. :D

    BTW, love ur blog!

  17. i love the cherry carmax lip balm! its the only one I use.

  18. I am late to join the carmex bandwagon but you have definatey swayed me miss :) great reviews - defo appropriate for this minging weather! uuugh! xx

  19. Burt's Bees is on top of my lip balm list, but I am rather curious to try Carmex Cherry. :P

  20. aha just re-found this, and I did indeed use to have a cherry chapstick!


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