Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Funk Rock and er, Jessica Simpson

It's no secret that I love a bargain. I rarely buy things full price and the thrill of finding an amazing markdown is well worth sorting through the sale rails and trying on what feels like 50 terrible I-know-why-this-is-in-the-sale frogs to find a prince (something that I would have purchased and loved at full price).

I visted the Funk Rock store over the weekend and was immediately drawn to the 2 for £10 rail hidden at the back of the shop. I picked up these two super-flattering, easy to wear dresses which used to be £24.99 each! They're pretty similar but I prefered the black based dresses to the more colourful ones they had. I love how these will be great for holidays and for layering up with tights and boots for winter.



Next stop was Tk Maxx, a store that I'm not really a fan of. I just don't have the patience to look through all the racks of dubious items that are definitely not "designer" to find something nice and the stores always look like a bit of a jumble sale. I headed straight for the accessories where something leopard print jumped out at me, I grabbed it to try it on "for fun" and fell in love with it! It was only £12.99, half the price of the Topshop hat I'd been admiring. I took it to the till to pay and asked the shop assistant to chop the labels off for me so that I could wear it straight away! It was only when I got home that I noticed the Jessica Simpson label inside the hat...I had no idea that she had a fashion line and as she's er, hardly one of my style icons (I don't think I even have "style icons" but if I did she would not be one of them) it probably would have by-passed me if she did. A quick Google, however, reveals my hat for sale for $58!


Modelling the hat in the oh-so-flattering florescent shop lighting.

What unexpected gems have you found lately?


  1. oh my day. your coming to australia? :| when & where? eeeeep how exciting ^^

    i love the dresses you purchased. i love anything with some form of animal printing ;]

    bargain shopping is the best. i also hate and will try to avoid paying full price for anything. there was a dress i saw at sportsgirl which was like $280 because it was "lace" and i waited until the new season came and i got it for $70 ;] haha !


  2. I can't resist a bargain!

    Wish I could pull off a leopard print hat - looks great on you :)


  3. Great hat, liking leopard print right now!


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