Sunday, 19 September 2010

Something-different-Sundays: Purple Monster

After loving the Green Monster smoothie, I was planning to re-create one today. Unfortunately, we had no spinach and I didn't realise this until I'd already started assembling my blender/soy milk/chopped banana. Not wanting the lack of spinach to prevent me from making something yummy and healthy, I created this Purple Monster:

I used:
one small banana
150 ml Alpro Light soy milk
1 stick of celery
2 inch piece of chopped cucumber
1 handful of frozen black forest berries
a sprinkle of cinammon on top

It tasted really good, sweet but also refreshing. I'll definitely be giving this another go and am feeling really inspired by Laura's blog "Keeping Slim and Getting Stylish" - her meals always look so delicious and healthy and the recipies seem easy for even a complete kitchen novice like myself.

What healthy treats have you been enjoying lately?


  1. mmmm looks good but wow what a weird combination lol i loove spinach so if you ever make a green monster lettme know lol x

  2. This is an amazing way of getting your 5 a day! I really want to try this it looks delish! Deffo very inspiring! x

  3. I made a Green monster today!
    Was really unusual...
    This recipe looks good though:)

  4. Do you mean the skirt i said i bought in my post??
    Because the lady in the store said its a best seller and they are going to get lots more in to the shops in all new colours soon because its sold so well :) There you go! Now you can get one! :) What colour would you want it in?

  5. Looks good for such an odd combo. lol.
    Nom Nom.

  6. Oh I want to try make this. Looks yummy ^_____^
    Note to self; buy a blender on the weekend!

    To be honest I havent been having any healthy treats. They've all been winter foods haha. Luckily its starting to heat up in Australia so hopefully soon I can start having healthy treats !




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