Friday, 17 September 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!

I turned 23 yesterday. I'm still slightly in shock/denial about my increasing age...I definitely do not feel mature enough to be 23. But, age aside, a birthday is a birthday and shopping was needed!

Firstly, and most relevant to by blog, Lush:

Although there are few Lush products that I don't want, I settled upon:

L-R - Squeaky Green Solid Shampoo - this smells so fresh and lovely. It contains nettles and peppermint so should be really refreshing.

Seanik shampoo - this also smells really fresh and came with a free tin as I bought two shampoo bars. Each shampoo bar is supposed to be equivalent to three bottles of shampoo so for £4.65 each they are really good value.

Vanillary solid perfume - these are quite new to Lush and I've never used a solid fragrance before so I'm really excited to try this out. Vanillary is gorgeous, it's a really simple fragrance but reminds me of freshy baked cakes. Mmmm. I also like how it's natural and the little stick was only £6 so its far cheaper than conventional fragrance too.

American Cream conditioner - I thought I'd try out a Lush conditioner. I was originally going to get "Jungle" the solid conditioner but eventually decided to get this one as it smells lovely (notice a theme here?) and is double concentrated so the little bottle should last me a while.

Baby Face Cleanser - I used this a few years ago and really liked how gentle it was at removing make-up. The Lush sales assistant said that these are being discontinued soon so I snapped one up before they do!

Free samples - Ice Blue soap and Aromaco natural deoderant. The SA popped these into my Lush bag for me to try. I'm interested to see if the natural deoderant works. I've not had much success with natural ones in the past but now that the weather's getting colder I'm going to give this one a go.

I will be doing reviews of the products once I start using them. Do you use any of these Lush products? Is there anything else that I should try?

I also hit the shops, armed with birthday money, my student discount card (only a month until it expires) and a 20% off voucher for Office that came with this week's Heat magazine.

Black velvet tie side top - New Look with 20% student discount
Grey hareem trousers - Dorothy Perkins with 20& student discount
Office Lace-Up boots - 20% Heat magazine discount
Oversided shirt - H&M half price & I love the carrier bag

I've bought a camera tripod from Ebay so I am going to try to do some more FOTD type posts. I feel like I want to start blogging more about what I have rather than just what I buy (not counting this post, obviously) and I really need to start wearing more of my existing clothes, trying out different combinations and showing off my own style so I'm hoping that blogging my outfits will encourage this.

Finally...some little snapshots of my birthday day :)

Salmon sushi salad in Giraffe
Noisette coffee with giraffe stirers. My mum told the waitress that it was my birthday and if I could have one - she brought me all of them and our coffees were free, so nice of her. My mum didn't tell her that it was my 23rd birthday...sometimes I'm glad that I don't look my age!
Beaded ring from a pop-up craft fair - I love how it matches my 17 nail polish
Chicken Chili Men in Wagamama - went there with my parents for my birthday dinner - yum! birthday cake - Wagamama's chocolate fudge cake with three forks :)


  1. Happy birthday to you! It looks like you had a lovely time.
    All that food looks ever so lovely and you have got some right bargains too, my fav are the boots xxx

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Also I love your new header (it is new eh?) xxx

  3. Happy Birthday to you!!
    Jealous of the Chicken Chili Men, yumyum.

    p.s love that ring!

  4. Happy Birthday for yesterday! :) x

  5. Happy Birthday for yesterday! I love the Lush goodies you got :) I think I might have to go to H&M just for the nice bag haha xxx

  6. I hope you had a wonderful birthday! I've just brought a tripod from Ebay too! xo

  7. looks like you had a fabulous day. Happy Birthday xxxx

  8. the boots are lovely! I recently bought grey lace ups but wish I'd got these ones instead! lol x

  9. Sounds like you had a great day, Happy birthday for yesterday! x

  10. Happy belated birthday! The solid shampoo is fab and lasts forever, i also use the vanilla solid perfume and its gorgeous xx

  11. Happy birthday! Great goodies, especially the LUSH (=

  12. Love your new banner, by the way (=

  13. @ Nicola - yep, it's new :) felt like my blog needed freshening up and FernLaura kindly designed it for me :)

    @ Caz - the fab is fab, isn't it? I'm going to use it to carry around all the stuff that doesn't fit into my regular handbag!

    @ Victoria India - I'm so excited to try out my camera tripod, hopefully I can figure out how to use the timer!

    Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! xxx

  14. happy birthday! and dont worry.. you definitely dont LOOK old! and im in love with those boots :)

    i just found your blog btw.. its lovely! you have a new follower <33

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Happy Birthday! LOVE the boots, their stunning! just found your blog!

  17. Happy Birthday for yesterday!! :D It sounds like you had a lovely day!

  18. happy birthday :) you bought lots of lovely stuff!

    i've just stumbled across your blog and love it :) xx

  19. Happy belated Birthday! You picked up some great loot :-) Those boots are amazing! I have been looking for a pair just like that.
    I'm a new follower and I really like your blog! Stop by and check me out, I'm having a great giveaway for my lovely followers!
    xx, Mary


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