Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Review: Neutrogena Visibly Clear Spot Stress Control

I recently purchased this moisturiser/spot treatment in Boots - there was a "2 for £5" offer on all Neutrogena Visibly Clear products and after working my way through a good few sample sachets of the Pink Grapefruit Facewash I decided to purchase it along with this product.

What do I think?

This product claims to hydrate the skin as well as being an effective spot treatment. I have pretty normal skin - try chin and cheeks, slightly oily nose and forehead and, until recently, rarely suffer from breakouts. For the last month or so, my skin has been really playing up (hence the lack of FOTD-posts...full service will be resumed once my skin sorts itself out) so this product seemed worth a try as traditional acne skincare totally dries out my skin.

The "Spot Stress Control" range seems to cater for those of us still suffering from teenage skin despite no longer being a teenager. This product comes in a small tube and is a translucent gel texture with very little smell. I've been using this at night and in the mornings before make-up and I've definitely seen an improvement in my skin - it sinks in well, doesn't dry out my skin like many spot treatments do but it still helped to clear up my spots. After 5 days my skin looks noticebly clearer and I've found that applying a little before my make-up makes my concealer go on smoother and not look cakey (I hate the look of spots covered with cakey concearler).

I'd say that this is quite similar to Garnier's Pure A moisturiser which I used to use when I was younger and suffered more with oily skin and occasional breakouts. I'd recommend this for people with normal skin who suffer from the occasional spot - it's probably not strong enough for very oily skin or if you have persistant acne.

I'm definitely glad that I gave this a try and pleased to say that it worked for me. Hopefully it won't be long before my skin is back to its normal self.

Have you used any Neutrogena Visibly Clear products? What did you think of them?


  1. Ohh that sounds really good! I always get a bit nervous about trying new spot treatments as like you it just sucks all the moisture from my skin! xx

  2. I love reviews on these types of products thankyou x

  3. Yeah I have tried the Neutorgena Visibly clear 8 Hour serum thing to reduce redness on spots...

    I find that its really good if you have a painful spot coming... if you put it on top it reduces the redness but also makes it come up faster and disappear faster.. make sense? It just speeds up the whole process... its also very very good at reducing redness.
    I find its best if i put it on before bed. in the morning its not red or the whitehead has gone.

  4. I like their 2 in 1 wash/mask - My sister swears by it and she has fairly spot prone skin. If i'm stressed out or having a bad skin day I use it as the mask and I can really feel it working it's way into my pores clearing them out. It leaves my skin feeling super clean :)


  5. @ Hearthandmade - that sounds like a really good product. I was thinking of getting the Dermatalogica gel but the Neutrogena one is so much more affordable!

    @ Laura - another product for me to try out!


  6. good post. I've been using the Neutrogena soap bar for my face and it works really well. ^.^

  7. Great review :)hope your skins good again soon :) xxx

  8. Hi there :)

    I have been using the 2 in one wash and mask...works like a bimb. and the spot control scrub makes my skin feel amazing especially after the gym. I have just purchased the spot control gel so I will update you on how effective it has been.

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