Sunday, 22 August 2010

Avon Calling: In A Blink shadow/liner & SuperFull Mascara

Avon is not a brand that first comes to mind when I think of make-up, I'm much more of an impulse buyer and like to try products out before I buy them so usually find myself spending more than I should in the aisles of Boots, not in a catalogue. However, when my mum came home from work a couple of weeks ago with an Avon catelogue I was intrigued and decided to place an order for two products: the "In A Blink" shadow/liner and a Superfull Mascara. My order came to a purse-pleasing £6.50 in total and I completely forgot that I'd ordered it (does anyone else suffer from "shopping amnesia"?) until my mum came home from work bearing my Avon products.

The last time I tried Avon products was when I was around 14 and had a few of their "Colourtrend" offerings. I was looking forward to seeing what the brand has to offer now seeing as the prices are pretty reasonable for the products and because, despite not being sold in stores, the brand does seem to have a loyal following of customers who always order from their Avon Lady, and a recent-ish re-brand with Reece Witherspoon starring in the TV adverts.

1. In A Blink - Eyeliner and Shadow Pencil
This double ended pencil comes in four shades, I chose the dark blue as I already have a few black eyeliners from different brands and wanted to try a different, softer shade for daytime.

The pencil end of the product is a nice consistency and gives a defined line which easily blends when I swatch it on my hand. I wasn't sure what to expect of the shadow end of the product but when I eventually worked out how to get the lid off it ended up flying through the air and falling onto the hard floor a few feet away...not a problem, I thought, until I realised that the shadow is compacted into the lid and in falling the floor had made a lovely blue-pigmented mess...not the best of starts. However, the sponge applicator in on the pencil seems good for creating a smudgy effect and, when swatched, the shadow is exactly the same shade as the liner.

I've yet to try this out on my eyes as I've not been wearing an awful lot of eye make-up lately but I'll show you the finished look as soon as I do.

2. SuperFull Mascara

I can't resist trying out a new mascara - I chose SuperFull as I love thick, dark lashes.

The mascara has a flexible, rubber brush which I personally find easier to use then bristle brushes. I like how the brush comes out of the tube with just the right amount of mascara on - no clumps and no need to wipe the brush on a tissue before using it. The wand is small enough to reach all of my lashes and not smudge onto my lower eyelid when I apply it to my lower lashes.

The finished look with this mascara is not as "SuperFull" as I was expecting, however. It gives a clean, separated, defined look but after two coats my lashes aren't as full as I expected them to be and I'm hesitant to apply a third coat without clumping my lashes.

I'll definitely use this mascara up as it gives decent, everyday lashes but I still prefer L'Oreal Voluminous (which I've been trying to repurchase for the last couple of weeks but can't find ANYWHERE) for a dramatic, full lashed look.

Urban Decay Primer Potion, Mac Sable, Avon SuperFull Mascara, ELF Undereye Concealer

Have you tried any Avon products recently?


  1. I've been curious over SuperFull, thanks for sharing!

  2. Ooh i've just ordered that pencil :D i'm excited to get it now! x

  3. ohh the mascara does wonder! we gotta try it!

    Cheers, B & Liv
    B L I V B O O K: darling&diva ♥

  4. Wow! This is wonderful,I like this mascara.
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  5. yep i used to get avon quite a lot. My fave product of theirs is african shea butter body scrub. I LOVE the scrub but HATE the packaging. If it gets almost empty it is a nightmare to squeeze. It needs to live upside down if you are planning to use it in the shower!

    I also used to use the mascara they did - double ended version that reese witherspoon was the face of and had the wee liquid to stop splodges getting on your lids. It was good but the best mascara i have found recently is Benefits Get Bent - i used to use lancome but it was waaay too watery

  6. oh colourtrend, i remember having one of their lipglosses in a small tube, i was in love at the time but now i think about it the colour was a terrible barbie pink! deary me. . xx

  7. I have an avon mascara and quite like it, although doesn not gives as full lashes as i would like :)
    Tagged you on my blog girlie!:)


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