Saturday, 31 July 2010

Something A Little Different...And A Big Thank You!

Hope everyone's having a lovely weekend. I just thought I'd share with you a recent discovery of mine...Graze boxes!

Graze is a company that delivers lovely, healthy snack boxes by post - the boxes are small enough to fit in your letter box and contain four healthy treats. You can order a box daily, twice a week or just once a week and it's £2.99 per box. I have mine delivered once a week as I find that the treats last me over a couple of days. Mine arrive on a Friday and it's a lovely end of week treat. Despite the fact that I'm nearly 23, getting things in the post still excites me enormously and food + post is definitely a good combination.

Here was my last box:

My favourite was "Bounty Hunter" (top right), a mix of coconut, chocolate drops and dried fruit...imagine a healthier version of a Bounty chocolate bar!

If you'd like to try out a Graze box, go to and use the code M9V2925L to get a free box of healthy snacks delivered to your desk/home/anywhere!

Now, onto the Big Thank You...
Today I reached 150 followers! I'm stunned - thank you to all of you :) I don't blog for followers and comments but its lovely to know that my ramblings are being read...I only started this as a little escape from my serious law-student life and I never thought I'd ever get followers, get sent products to try or find such a lovely online beauty community. Thanks again!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Graze or receiving free food/payment/anything for this. I just thought I'd share something that I'm enjoying at the moment.


  1. oh what a lovely post:)
    i know exactly what you mean about studying law
    i started my blog too as an escape xxx

  2. lovely post hun!!!I enjoyed it!Hugs

  3. Mmm this look so delicious, the coconut/chocolate/dried fruit one sounds amazing! I don't think getting things in the mail will ever stop being exciting haha! xxx

  4. I think im going to have to try this site out! xx

  5. Ooo I could just eat some chocolate and coconut :)

  6. @ Belle - blogging was definitely my favourite escape while I was studying! Good luck with the rest of your degree :)

    @ Ariel - I'm sure it won't! I'm already looking forward to getting next week's box!

  7. I love Graze! I started getting their boxes for my lunch last year but haven't for a while... might have to start again! x

  8. Aww this is so cute :)
    I would love to receive things like this, but i basically live on stuff like this anyway :)
    My friends call it 'rabbit food' because of how it looks :) Lovely idea though!! xxx


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