Friday, 9 July 2010

Review: This Works - Turbo Balm

Beauty fate struck this week. I was wandering around the fashion floor of Selfridges thinking about how dry and sore my lips have been lately when out of nowhere appeared a This Works counter assistant, handing out little white pots. I hovered around until I was given one to discover that it was a full sized 10g pot of This Works Turbo Balm.

What do they say?

This Works Turbo Balm is a handy multi-tasking balm made with 100% natural ingredients, great as a lip balm, cuticle softener, dry heel balm and for other dry areas of the body.

Dab on this blend of Cocoa butter, Tahitian Monoi and Rose Oil when lips, elbows, heels or cuticles feel dry.

Why This Works Turbo Balm works

This Works Turbo Balm is an intricate formulation of Monoi oil, Rose Oil and Cocoa butter.

The Monoi oil used comes from Tahiti and is completely natural (no synthetic fragrance is used) made using 200 Tahitian Gardenia flowers per litre, as opposed to the standard 12- making it extremely potent.

The main benefits of Monoi oil include long lasting moisture, firming and soothing effects.

This Works Turbo Balm contains no preservatives, which is highly unusual- there are hardly any lip balms on the market which are stable and easy to use with no preservatives.

But, does it work?

The first thing I notice about this balm is that despite the exotic sounding ingredients, it has virtually no smell to it. This is due to it not containing any synthetic ingredients, there is a slight essential rose fragrance to it which is nice and subtle and the balm has no taste at all (I'm not a fan of flavoured lip products). The balm is non-greasy and really feel like its moisturising my lips rather than just sitting on top of them like Vaseline does. After a couple of days of use, my lips are much softer and smoother. I've also been putting this on my cuticles a couple of times each day to moisturise them.

Would I repurchase?

At £10 for 10g this product is pretty pricey. The pot is small and not particularly exciting in appearance (I know it's whats on the inside that counts but for £10 I'd rather something a bit more glamourous to pop into my make-up bag). As a lip balm, this doesn't really stand out enough from my current balms and I'm sure similar results could be obtained from something a little more purse-friendly. That said, I do really like this balm and will definitely be finishing up my little pot.

This Works Turbo Balm can be purchases from Boots here.


  1. Fab review, love unexpected freebies like that :) xxx

  2. I love the fact that's multifuctional and can be used for cuticles/lips etc. I love balms in general xx

  3. great freebie!
    ihad a similar product from virgin vie that did dry skin, lips and all that marlarky
    i love multi-use products
    great review
    belle xx

  4. this is great!! Sounds good too.. i am an avid user of carmex.. especially the coldsore stuff too - during winter its a god send.

  5. I"m with Hearthandmade... Carmex is my favorite lip balm and nothing else compares! :P

    Leia's Delights

  6. @ Leia and Hearthandmade - I still need to try Carmex! I've heard so many good things about it so its top of my list for next time I need a lipbalm! x


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