Saturday, 26 June 2010

You shall go to the ball!

After my previous post about my ball make-up, I had a couple of requests for pictures of my ball dress.

The dress is from the Patricia Field for M&S "Sex and the City" collection which I think came out in 2008. I picked up the dress in the January sales for £49! This one is a "Carrie" style but I also got a "Charlotte" too which I love and a "Samantha" which I ended up returning.

The Inspiration

My dress:

And, just for a bit of a more interesting post, here is my "Charlotte" dress. I can't find a picture of Charlotte wearing a style like it but she wore one very similar in season 5 or 6. The dress has a really pretty cut out back detail. I've worn this dress a few times as it's dressy but still formal and not too "fashion" for work events.

Complete with a Cosmo :)

And, finally, this is the Samantha dress - I didn't keep this one, as much as I really liked it, I thought that 2 dresses would be enough. Kinda wish I'd kept it now though as it was gorgeous. This had a peplum hemline, similar to this one here (actually worn by Carrie but this dress was definitely a "Samantha"):

Which one is your favourite?

I much prefered the styles of the SATC girls in the series, and even in the first film. The clothes they wore in the second film were just ridiculous..and don't even get me started on the plot of the second film...


  1. oh sweet i adore satc!
    charlotte is my fav character
    but i love your carrie dress its beautiful
    belle xx

  2. i think the last one looks amazing.. the colour of the dress suits your colouring, it looks awesome! x

  3. Oh wow i love that ball dress, i bet nobody was wearing anything like it. xx

  4. I'm a Charlotte/Carrie inside :) So I love the Carrie & Samantha inspired dressed you have :) And I agree, I loved the series & the first movie but the second movie was a bit disappointing. Hopefully they'll be a 3rd to make it all up :)


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