Sunday, 27 June 2010

NOTD - My First Attempt at Some Sort of Nail Art...

This is my first ever attempt at doing something with my nails other than just painting on a couple of coats of polish. I used 17 "Rose Manicure" as and then used Nails Inc for Diet Coke in "Milan" for the polka dots. I used the pointed end of a wooden cuticle stick to dot it on - it was actually a lot easier than I thought if would be and I'm pretty bad at normal nail polish application!

What do you think? I kind of wish I hadn't used red as when I quickly glance at my hands it looks as though my nails have a rash! I think next time I'll do a brighter base...what colour combinations do you think would work well together?


  1. I really like it actually! It's quite different.

    Fee x

  2. I think it looks really cute, like Fee said, different, and that aint no bad thing, hehe! xxx

  3. Its cute, maybe some more bright neony colours next time?

  4. I think it looks really cute!


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