Thursday, 10 June 2010

Nails of the Summer

Until I started blogging I wasn't particularly into nail polishes - I had about 10 that I'd owned for a while and while I always, always had painted toes I didn't paint my finger nails very often. Now, I'm hardly ever not wearing nail polish - I think my hands look weird without it and my nails definitely split and peel less with polish on.

I recently have added to my collection with some gorgeous new polishes:

First up - the Nails Inc Diet Coke collection. My mum and I both are slightly addicted to Diet Coke and between us, we collected the four shades:

L-R: New York, Milan, Paris and London

I've not actually got around to using any of these yet! My favourite is London, it's a gorgeous minky beige which will look great in summer with a bit of a tan. I alredy own two Nails Inc polishes that came with Glamour magazine - I can't say I was too impressed with those, one is very poorly pigmented and the other chipped like crazy after only one day...I'll let you know if these are any better! I would've bought the Diet Coke anyway!

Next up, as a Rimmel VIP I got sent four(!) of their 60 Seconds nail polishes:

L-R: Style Hunter, Coral Crush, Fast and Fuchsia, Purple Reign

I really like the brush of these polishes, it's similar to the Bourjois 60 seconds brush and means that most of my nails can be done in one stroke. I'm not the best at applying polish so this is great! The polish dries quickly and "Style Hunter" lasted 5 days without chipping although the colour did seem to fade a bit. I found that Style Hunter only needed one coat whereas with the other shades I needed two to get the colour looking the same as the bottle. The polishes are quite shimmery but this is less noticeable after the second coat.

Here's what they look like on:

What are your favourite nail polishes for summer?

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  1. Hey sweetness,

    I have to say i'm still loving the corals from last year, my faves being Revlon 'One Perfect Coral' & 'Tropical Temptation' .. I've also been loving this seasons pastels, but I find the Barry M's chip like mad and need a good few coats to get them streak free..

    I'm going to try the Revlon lilac and mint next I think :)



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