Saturday, 12 June 2010

More GLAMOUROUS Freebies?

I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with benefit products but with this month's Glamour magazine freebies, I couldn't resist the chance to try out three different products for only £6!

The It Stick concealer is perfect for my skintone - hopefully I have a sharperner around somewhere that is big enough for it as I can imagine I'll use this a lot. I've never had a product like Eye Bright before so this is the one I was the most interested to try out...I used it yesterday on the inner corners of my eyes and on my brow bone and really liked the effect. It brightens my eyes without looking like I've done anything make-up wise. My mum picked up a copy with the Bad Gal liner so I'm looking forward to trying that out next time I see her (if she doesn't claim it for herself first!)

Did you pick up any of the Benefit/Glamour freebies?

I also got the More magazine Dazzle Dust offer. I don't usually buy More but for only 80p for the magazine it was definitely worth picking up! I ghose No.3 Golden Pink. I only have one Dazzle Dust at the moment and while I love it I find the loose pigment quite messy so thought a lighter shade may get a bit more love as the fall out from the shadow won't be so messy! I tried out this shade today and it's really pretty.

What's your favourite Dazzle Dust? And do you have any tips for applying them?


  1. I got More magazine this week as well. I going into town in a bit so i might pop into superdrug and get it. I have also been searching everywhere for Glamour magazine but it is sold out in every place i look :( i will try again today though!

  2. Best way to apply is to put a tissue on your desk so the fall out doesnt go everywhere, use a sponge aplicator or a brush but dip it in, and then tapp off excess and use it like anormal eyeshdaow.

  3. I also got More for 80p plus my free Dazzle Dust today - I may have even gone for the same colour as you.. can't quite remember, it's definitely a pretty pinky shade, but that one may be a bit brighter than mine - I'm not sure!

    I'm going supermarket shopping in a min so definitely going to have to try & pick up a copy of Glamour too.. not sure which product to go for though.. Guess I'll just have to see which, if any, are left!

  4. @ Lisa - thanks, I will try that next time! I'm pretty sure I have a sponge applicator lying around somewhere, I think that'll work better than a brush which seems to make it go everywhere!

    @ Heartshapedbruise - good luck with tracking down a copy of Glamour! I can't believe how fast it's selling out!

  5. what the hell! What do i have to do to get these things?! Just buy magazines? xo

  6. i got one tooooooo lol from more i chose this minty green one its BOOOM. I like adding water to them and using them as eyeliner or i jst pack it on its a dramatic colour lol


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