Monday, 7 June 2010

Hello Summer!

While the weather may not have been particularly summery today, for me, summer has officially begun! I had my last exam today. My last EVER exam. I still can't quite believe it, three years of uni, all over!

So to celebrate the end of it all, I'm swapping my reading material of choice and saying bye-bye to law notes:

And HELLO to magazines! Heat and More were on special offer so couldn't resist them! I love the free Reiss bag that came with Elle - I always use these as my beach bags during the summer, and they really remind me of being 15 and magazine free gifts being the best. thing. ever. I also picked up Tatler with the free sunglasses - I only ever buy this issue of Tatler but I do like to flick through the magazine pretending that I'm a society lady and the free sunglasses are always pretty good. I've had a pair of them for the past couple of years and I always take them on holiday with me - really oddly, I like to wear sunglasses in the sea and there's no way my Alexander McQueeen beauties are getting anywhere near scrach-causing sand! I won't be too upset about scratching these ones as there's always a new pair to look forward to next year!

What do you think about magazine freebies? Found any great ones lately?


  1. Congratulations on finishing uni!

    I also bought the Heat & More double pack this week - can't resist that offer!

    I hardly ever buy magazines any more - but I remember being quite young & being so excited about the freebies - great times :)

  2. lol i bought it too! june 10th glamour mag us givin away benefit stuff!

  3. I bought Elle this week as well. I wanted it because it has Kristen Stewart on the front ( I know, I'm a little obsessed with Twilight!) and i was really pleased that i got a free bag as well! I got the blue and white one though. x

  4. Wooo congratulations on finishing.. it just depresses me that I have 1 year left of sixth form and then 3 years of uni :(
    I might start reading magazines for the summer after my last exam of the year Thursday, haven't bought one in ages!


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