Thursday, 20 May 2010

Soap and Glory Goodies

I popped into Boots today desperately in need of a new shower puff after my old one met an unexpected end yesterday. One minute it was a nice pink puff, the next it was unravelling into a long, soggy net - not nice!

After being unimpressed at the Boots puffs, I decided to splash out on the Soap and Glory one - at £3.50 it's double the price of a standard puff but it's much bigger and prettier (and still only £3.50). I also picked up the Face Massage Mini Mitt after reading about it on a few blogs. I usually use a facecloth to take my make-up off but thought that this looked like a more fun alternative. The Mitt was £4.

The pink pad is soft and flexible and covered with tiny little bobbles. It's small enough to use to clean the contours of your face and has a little handle on the back to fit around your fingers. After using this last night and this morning I am absolutely in love with it - it leaves my skin feeling so clean without irritating it as some exfoliators do. I've been using it with my Clinique face soap but pretty much any cleaner would do the trick. I'm definitely going to to stick with this over my usual facecloth - it feels far more effective and is much easier to keep clean as it just needs a quick rinse after use.

Have you tried the Soap and Glory Massage Mit?


  1. The Massage Mit sounds amazing! I love everything Soap & Glory do so it's definitely one to try. I have the shower puff and it's fab! x

  2. That face mit sounds lurvvvly :D maybe I will try it too xo

  3. I was umming and ahhing over the mitt in boots the other week. Decided against it, wish I'd got it now.


  4. Ahh i'm still a *Soap and Glory Virgin* and am yet to try any of their products, I really must though.. I wonder if the mitt is anything like the L'Oreal Scrublets in the Perfect Clean washes as they're fab!


  5. I've been using the mitt for a week or so - I really like it :) xxx

  6. that shower puff is so adorable :P

  7. I heard some bad and good reviews from Soap and Glory! I want to try some of their products if i get a chance to go down to US. Love you blog. Follow me as well! im follwing you too! =) thanks hun


  8. @ The Beauty Sanctum - it's very similar to the L'Oreal Scrublets...the L'Oreal one is actually better value as you get the facewash too. I'm not a fan of gel-type facewashes though so decided just to get the mitt!

    @ Kel - it's definitely worth purchasing. The novelty hasn't worn off after...5 days of using it so I think it's a keeper!


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