Wednesday, 26 May 2010

I only went in for some cotton wool...

Today I had my second exam, only two more to go until freedom! This one was pretty tough but I think it went ok, I worked so hard for it...have hardly done anything else besides study since the last one so on my way home I popped into Boots for a quick browse and to grab some cotton wool and came out with this little lot:

I've been in need of a new mascara for a while as my 17 Defining Mascara and L'Oreal Voluminous are starting to dry out. I like having a few on the go as get bored of using the same one everyday! I've found No 7 mascaras a bit hit and miss in the past...some of them have been quite "dry" and the last one I purchased literally ended up all over my face so I would usually avoid them BUT this new one, "Extreme Length" looked good. It has a flexible, rubbery brush which I like and I couldn't help but be drawn in my the advert featuring Keely Hawes (I'm a big Ashes to Ashes fan and think she's gorgeous!). Also, I've been wanting some new eye make-up brushes for a while and the mascara came with a free brush roll and four No 7 eye brushes! I couldn't really not get it - a mascara and brushes for £12.50!

The brushes look really good quality and there's a good variety - I most like the look of the small smudge brush and the liner brush will be really useful for applying my Sleek gel eyeliner as the brush that came with it is terrible!

No 7 "Extreme Length" Mascara in Iridescent Saphire

The brush holder - complete with instructions for a Smoky Eye look!

A close-up of the brushes

I also got some "cold cream" for removing eye make-up - I wanted the Boots "Original Formula" one but they'd sold out so I got this slightly boring-looking one. Hopefully it'll do the job just as well.

Finally, I took advantage of the suncream buy one get one free as it was so hot over the weekend that I ended up using up all my sample sized ones that I had. Hopefully it'll warm up again soon so that I can actually use these! I've never used Hawaiian Tropic before but I've heard good things about the brand and am really fussy about suncreams...I've yet to find ones that I'm 100% happy with so these have got to be worth a try! I got the Factor 50 for sensitive areas and got a lighter, Factor 15 spray product which'll be great for everyday use in the summer. I'll let you know what I think of them!

What have you recently purchased? And what's your favourite suncream? I'd love to know - I'm a bit obsessed with the stuff but have yet to fall in love with any particular product!


  1. Ohh thats a bargain for the mascara and brushes too. I always go to the shop for one thing and come out with a bagful of goodies xx

  2. Cotton wools are evil.

    We always need them and we always end up being tempted by lots of things.

    Does your Hawaiian product smell like coco heaven? I have an oil by this brand. I could drink it. My favorite sunscreen is the Badger Balm one. My skin no longer tolerate chemical sunscreen. So I go for natural ones. :)

  3. i need some of that 50+ stuff!! I cant find hawaiian tropic anywhere here. Pft. Ive been on the nivea factor 30 because it was in my cupboard.

  4. I tagged you on my blog! x

  5. Oooh those brushes look really good! I love the sleek ink pot but the brush is really bad - they'd be better not including it! xxx

  6. @ Jellynat - the Hawaiian Tropic suncream has a slight coconut smell - it's not too strong though which is good as I don't like heavily perfumed products. Some of the other brands smelled pretty bad!

    @ Fern - thank you :) that's my next post sorted!

    @ Carrsky - I agree, I hate how good quality drugstore products let themselves down with awful applicators. Good brushes make such a difference!


  7. The mascara is fab! I have it too and I use it all the time. :)

  8. That brush set looks nice :)

    I’ve tagged you on my blog too;
    You can find it here:

  9. Lovely brush set! might have to pop into boots and take a look at them myself :D thanks for sharing love~

  10. argh i know the feeling hunni! especially in boots its a killer lol you go in for one thing and leave with ten!


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