Saturday, 8 May 2010

Bendy Rollers Experiment

Hope everyone's having a lovely weekend - where has our summer gone? It was so cold outside today...I have nice summer clothes that I want to wear so hopefully things will get better soon! I'm still revising for finals so haven't had any time to shop or try out many new looks lately...I would've though that I'd be saving money but most of my money currently seems to be going on Starbucks' soya lattes to keep me awake during revision sessions!

I was having a tidy-up the other day (anything to avoid actually working!) and found a pack of bendy rollers...I don't even remember buying these, I must've had them for years! I decided to give them a quick try-out to see whether they were a good way of getting curls without using damaging tongs/GHDs...and as my destination was only my university library then it wouldn't matter if my hair turned out looking awful!

I used 3 rollers for the front of my hair, I was feeling too lazy to do the back so I just twisted the back section of my hair into a bun and cliped it in place. I did this look on almost dry hair so that it could finish drying with the rollers in. After putting them in and giving them a spritz of GHD Salt Spray I left them for 10 minutes while I did my make-up:

Taking pictures of the top of your head is really quite difficult!

Here's the finished look - I was quite pleasantly surprised with how it turned out! I'll definitely be trying this again, I like wearing my hair curly and it's nice to find a way of creating curls that won't damage my hair. My bendy rollers were from Boots - I think they're around £5 for a pack of 8.

Have you tried bendy rollers?

PS. I've just noticed that I have 100 followers! Wow! Thank you all for taking an interest in my blog and for all your lovely comments - I promise I'll be back on track with bigger and better posts once my nasty exams are out the way!


  1. Wow! These take me back to the days when I was a dancer! - Haven't tried them in sooo long! But I def agree, such a good way to get that messed up beach wave look without damaging your ends with heat! - A purchase may well be on the cards, that is if I can't find mine from days gone by..... Lovess Xx

  2. I have a massive pack from ebay but can't use them properly :( I'll try them again soon :)

  3. I love the way your hair turned out. gorgeous :) XO

  4. wow, you're hair has turned out amazingly, look really pretty :) xxx

  5. Your hair is so shiny and healthy! Very jealous. I used to use bendy rollers all the time when my hair was long - they're the only things that created long lasting curls in my baby-fine hair! :)

    Anyway, I came to tell you you won my Temporary Secretary giveaway! Will send you an email now. :) xx

  6. @ Jen - Yay! That's really made my day :)

    @ Louise - I didn't have much success with them when I first used them (possibly why they were unloved for so long) but this time they really worked - my technique was to hold the roller still and twist my hair around it before bending it. There's bound to be some good YT tutorials out there!

    @ The Beauty Sanctum - I hope you find your old rollers! They're such a bargain anyway though and I know I'll be using mine a lot once summer actually arrives!

  7. very nice! i never thought these would really work

  8. OOOOOOooooo those bendies look great! Might have to invest in some haha.

    Just quick question - do they stay in the hair for long? I've got fine hair so styles (especially curly hair) fall out quick. I know you only left yours in for s short period of time.

    Might have to go ebaying for these too :)

    Btw.. thanks for commenting on my Topshops post! The eyeshadow trio was a definite winner for me as I wore it at the weekend and it was lush...


  9. never tried this before but i think it looks great!

    come and vote for my illustrations if you have time!


  10. @ Terri - I left mine in for about 10-15 mins but I think the longer you can leave them in the better. My curls lasted all day and I didn't put that much hairspray. If you have fine hair maybe use some mousse or a salt spray first so that you hair has some more texture?

  11. Your hair looks SO pretty! I wish I could get my hair to curl like that, but it's impossible. I've tried so many things already!

  12. Your hair looks gorgeous, I wish mine was long enough to do this! What a great alternative to hot stylers! xx


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