Saturday, 13 March 2010

Spring Weekend and New Hair Colour

Hope everyone's had a great Saturday!

It looked quite spring-like outside today so I felt like wearing something nice and bright! I ended up going for a tiered skirt from Next which I got at the end of summer in the sale for only £3! It's a little big around my waist but with a belt it looks fine and it makes it a better length too. I'm only 5'1 so shorter skirts look better on me - anything longer just drowns me!

Belt: Matalan
Tshirt: Next

I also thought I would show you the results of the Superdrug Colour Effects Wash-in, Wash-out colour that I've been using. I bought it in "Warm Copper Gold" and have used it for the last 4 times I've washed my hair. I left it on for 5-10 minutes each time and after 4 applications it really has made a different to my haircolour.

This is my haircolour before:

And this is after:

It really has made a difference and my hair feels so much shinier! I really like the colour - I'm naturally a dark blonde but the lack of sunlight lately had made my hair look dull and mousey and while I wanted a change, I didn't want anything permanent as I do like my natural colour so this is perfect for me! I'm not sure how long it'll last for on my hair but the little bottle of colour was only 97p so I'd definitely repurchase it. A few of my friends have noticed and other people have said I look different but that they can't work out how so 97p well spent I think!


  1. hurrah for spring dressing, it was gorgeous weather in London today :) Wow I can't believe that you've got that colour from a wash it, it looks gorgeous xx

  2. I love this shine when I dye my hair!!Love your colour!!!

  3. Wow the skirt is super pretty! I love the color, very summery ^^ Oh and the shirt looks nice, too!

  4. your hair is super shiny and so pretty! love the belt with the skirt :)

  5. Thanks everyone! I NEVER usually have shiny hair so am really impressed with the wash-in colour! x

  6. your hair looks so beautiful !
    and I love your skirt.

  7. Your hair looks wonderful! Really shiny and healthy. Love the skirt too!

  8. your hair looks beautiful!! the color looks so creamy! :)
    lovely blog!



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