Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Out with the old...

My Project Bathroom is going well - these are the products I've finished this month:

Clockwise from top:

No 7 Cleanse and Care Eye Make-up Remover

I really liked this product - it took of all my mascara quickly and easily and left my skin feeling smooth and not oily like the Botanics verion did. My only complaint is that I had to use loads of it each time so the product didn't last very long - if I used it daily I think it'd only last me a fortnight or so which isn't too great considering it's usually £7. (I got mine for £2 with a No 7 voucher)

I'm currently using DHC Cleansing Oil to remove my eye make-up which is working well even thought its not meant as an eye make-up remover specifically.

Time Delay Toning Water

I loved this toner. Sadly since purchasing it, Boots have re-designed the entire Time Delay range and so this no longer exists. Even though it's marketed as an anti-aging toner I think this was really suited to oily skin - I used it on my nose and forehead whenever my skin felt oily and it did a great job of zapping shine without drying out my skin.

Aussie Frizz Miracle Conditioner

I bought this product over a year ago - it's taken me ages to use it up as I'm not a massive fan of it. It didn't really reduce frizz in my hair and the conditioning effects weren't that noticeable. I think it'd be better suited to fine frizzy hair as it didn't do much for my dry mid-lengths and ends. As a result this was banished to my gym bag and so I only used it when having a quick hairwash at the gym!

Clinique Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser

I got this product as part of a Clinique Bonus Time promotion. I'd never tried a Clinique facewash before, only their 3-step which I had a bit of a love/hate relationship with. This facewash is designed to be used before the 3-Step routine. I just used it as a standard facewash, after taking off my eye make-up and removing my face make-up with DHC Cleansing oil. I really liked this product - it foamed up well and left my skin feeling really clean but not at all dry. I'd definitely re-purchase this. (The bottle is rather unceremoniously cut in half in order to scrape out as much product as possible - as much as I love finishing products I hate wasting them!)

Superdrug Colour Effects Wash-In Colour

This was the wash-in colour I used a few weeks back. I got about 4 applications out of this little bottle and it made a noticeable difference to my hair colour while also making my hair really soft and shiney. Not bad for 97p!

What products have you finished this month?


  1. Yey, congrats on using up some stuff! I'm also on a "finishing all of my products" project.

  2. Great job! I find that instead of having project 10 pans, I just refuse to collect redundant skincare items. If I already have a face wash, I use it up and then buy a new one, etc. That way I keep buying something new almost every fortnight, and its always something I need so no guilt!

  3. oh god cant remeber the last time i finished a product, i get bored with the majority of my products so just buy more lol, i like the sound of the superdrug wash in colour though, may have to give a whirl now ive gone back to dark locks x

  4. @ Ashwini - that's a great idea - I love treating myself to new products but always feel really bad when I come home to a whole cupboard of things waiting to be used up!

    @ Kayleigh - I've been trying to buy smaller sized products as it stops product boredom means I get to try more things out! The Superdrug wash-in was great, I'd definitely recommend it and I still can't believe how cheap it is!

  5. Well done for finishing so many products. I love the No 7 eye make up remover, I must be on my 5th bottle now, such a great product and so cheap with those vouchers! x

  6. I finished quite a bit too, and re-bought it all! I'm very impressed with the Boots Original Formula range, and I love Organic Surge face wash too.

  7. @ Jen - I love the packaging of the Boots Original Formula range - it's so cute! Glad to hear that the products are good too!

  8. Interesting post, thanks for sharring


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