Monday, 22 March 2010

Lush Goodies

I popped into Lush a couple of weeks ago and came out with a couple of lovely products :) I didn't go in to buy anything in particular but wanted to give myself a little treat and try something new in the process. The sales assistant was really lovely and let me try out lots of their new products - I love how the Lush store is so hands on and how you can see what a product looks and smells like before you buy it. I ended up purchasing:

"Hard" Solid Shampoo

I've used a couple of Lush's solid shampoo bars before and really liked them. This one is designed for hard London water so I thought it'd give it a try. It's a really beautiful looking bar - pink with flecks of yellow cocoa butter. The smell is quite mild compared to the other solid shampoos - a light floral fragrance. The bar lathers up well - not as much as some regular shampoos but that's because it's chemical-free so much better for the environment. I used a conditioner afterwards even though you don't have to with this bar because of the cocoa butter. It left my hair feeling softer than usual and while the scent is mild when you sniff the bar, it left my hair and bathroom smelling nice all day.

LilyLipstick rating: 4/5 - I love using the solid shampoos. I like to have several shampoos on the go at once though and so don't think I would convert to only natural shampoo products, especially when I have more product/grease (eww) to wash out of my hair but this is a great addition to my haircare routine! The solid shampoo is good value too - £4.65 for a bar and it lasts for ages despite it looking so much smaller than a standard bottle of shampoo.

"Too Drunk" Emotibomb

I hadn't seen the Emotibomb range in Lush before - they're like the Bath Ballistics but for the shower. I was intrigued...the sales assisant demonstrated this one in the store. The smell is amazing - it reminds me of a chai tea latte...the Lush website says it contains peppermint, fennel and sweet orange oils. It's designed as a hangover cure and the smell is definitely a refreshing one for mornings! I love the shape of this product - it's an abstract face with a real chocolate button for an eye! In the store the sales assistant ate the chocoalte button as the product was disolving - that's probably what made it novel enough for me to want to buy it!

LilyLipstick rating: 5/5 - I loved using this product, I loved the refreshing smell and I managed to get 4 showers out of this by breaking it up making it really good value at £1.95. It fizzed well and dissolved slowly meaning that you get maximum benefit from the fragrance. The only downside to this product is that it doesn't really benefit your skin as you use it by putting it on the floor of the shower and letting the shower water dissolve it. Asisde from that, it's a fun product to use and smells great. And yes, I did eat the chocolate button - first time I've ever had snack in the shower!

I got a free sample of a new Lush product - a Shower Smoothie Soap in Turkish Delight. I tried this out in the store and loved it so the sales assistant very nicely gave me a little sample pot :) The smell of this product is gorgeous - I don't think it smells of turkish delight, it's more of an antique rose those scented drawer liners or rose pot pourri. I made my sample pot last 3 showers and will definitely be purchasing this on my next Lush visit. It's £15 for a pot which I think seems quite expensive for a shower product but the sales assistant explained that it's made from thousands of hand-picked rose petals and a little goes a long way. It's so moisturising and left my skin feeling and smelling great all day.

I also got a little sample of Lush's Caca Rouge - their natural henna hair dye. I haven't used this yet but will do soon - I really liked the reddish tint I got from the wash-in, wash-out colour and it'd be great to get the same colour and shine from a natural product. I'd been wanting to try this for a while so I'm really pleased I got a little sample of this I think the sales assistant and I bonded over complaining about our naturally mousey hair colours!

What Lush products have you tried lately?
And what's on your Lush wish-list?


  1. Ohh i love Lush, i'm giving a couple of their products in my giveaway which starts tonight :)

  2. Such lovely things! I'm not really a Lush shopper but I do like the sound of the shampoo bar.


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