Friday, 12 March 2010

All Dressed Up!

Just thought I would do a quick post of my hair and make-up from Wednesday night. It was my university Athletic Union's ball so another chance for me to wear my hair bow! I also gave the "Kimberly" lashes another go - this time I snipped a couple of lashes off the inner corners and they were much more comfortable. After 5 minutes I forgot that I was wearing them - progress!

For my hair, I backcombed it in small sections, spraying hairspray at the roots until it all stood up like this:

I then smoothed the top layer over to hide the mess and clipped the bow into place. My hair did deflate a little throughout the night bit it still looked big at the end of the evening and the texture really helped hold the bow in place.

As for make-up, I kept my face quite natural (more because I was short of time than for any other reason!) I used my Sleek Face Contour Kit on my cheeks and my NYX Smokey Eye Kit on my eyes but stuck to the lighter colours. I then added the Kimberly lashes and used E.L.F Natural Nymph lipstick with a Benefit "Her Glossiness" lipgloss on top to stop my lips looking too dry.

Here's the finished look:

And here's me on the dancefloor! Not a great photo but it's the only one where you can see my dress properly! The rest were all taken when we were sitting down at the table.



  1. You looks really nice :) Love your hair thingy x

  2. Your dress looks lovely! xoxo


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