Sunday, 28 February 2010

What's In My Bag?

I've been wanting to do one of these posts for a while after seeing a few other bloggers doing them. So...what was in my bag today?

Today I went to London Fashion Weekend at Somerset House - it was a really fun day, I picked up a gorgeous Gilda's Tryst bag - reduced from £295 to £75 and it was lovely, if not slightly unsettling, to be surrounded by so many gorgeous, stylish people.

Anyway, here's my bag for the day - very pared down compared to usual. (I'll do another post soon on my everyday bag items!)

The bag itself is an oversized grey clutch from Nine West. I bought it as a treat in my first year at university and I've used it on a lot of nights out since as well as in the day when I don't have much to carry. It's the perfect size for all my essentials - living in the UK I never go out without an umbrella so it's very important that one fits in my bag! I always see so many teeny tiny clutches that I love but can never justify buying them as I know I won't use them if they don't fit an umbrella!

The grey purse came with the bag.

I also have my keys - one for my parent's house, my uni key and my float key for work.

Radley card holder - I love this! The dog is so cute. This is home to my Oyster card, student ID, driver's licence and gym card - helps to keep them all in one place even if I do have a ridiculous fear of losing the card holder!

Make-up: just a small amount today as I knew I wouldn't be out for too long. 17 Pressed Powder, Vaseline Rosy Lips and ELF Mineral Lipstick in Natural Nymph.

Phone: this is a new-ish phone - my old one completely died on me and I've not get progressed to an iPhone/Blackberry but this does the job and the camera is pretty good for when I don't have my "real" camera on me.

Here's a photo of me at London Fashion Weekend - with the all-important umbrella:

Coat: Zara
Jeggings: M&S Limited Collection
Boots: KG by Kurt Geiger

Hope everyone's had a fabulous Sunday! x


  1. Lovely bag! I love nosying about in people's bags. Glad you had fun at LFW! :)


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