Monday, 15 February 2010

Superdrug & Boots Haul

I popped into Superdrug and Boots between my lectures today and picked up a few bargains:


Boots Vitamin E Daycream and Boots Vitamin E moisture lotion SPF 15 -
The Boots Vitamin E range was 2 for £4 - bargain! I wanted a new moisturiser and didn't want to splash out on something expensive as I'm still not in the habit of using a moisturiser every day (until recently my skin hasn't been dry enough to need one!). The lotion feels very light and I like how it has SPF in it. The day cream is slightly thicker - I'm thinking that I'll use that one now and the lotion when it gets warmer. I'll let you know how I get on with them.

Superdrug Eye Make-up remover -On my last visit home, my mum had this in the cupboard and I really liked it, it took off all my eye make-up and only costs £1! I get through so much eye make-up remover that a bargain like this will definitely save me some money! I'll use this when I'm wearing standard mascara and save my No 7 eye make-up remover for when I'm wearing long-lasting/heavier eye make-up.

I'm really liking the No 7 product that I posted on a while back - only problem is that it's half gone already!

L'Oreal Elvive Damage Care Shampoo and Conditioner -These were 2 for £4 in Superdrug. I've used a few L'Oreal shampoos before - Highlight protect, Full Restore, the one in the pale pink bottle...I've never tried the "Damage Care" range before but hopefully they'll do my hair some good - I've not had it cut for a while so the ends are starting to look a bit dry...I'm trying to grow it a bit more before I get it cut again though so hopefully this'll tide me over until then.

Have any of you used any of these products?
What're your latest beauty bargains?


  1. I love the Vitamin E range, it seems to work really well, I didn't expect it to but I was very surprise at how the products made my skin feel. I used to have a shimmer radiance cream from that range, I would really recommend it :) x

  2. I didn't get on well with the Vitamin E range - I think my skin is too oily for it! Hope you fair better than I did.

  3. Oh, I've always wondered about that eye makeup remover, but I've never dared to try it because some sting really terribly, but maybe I should look into it now! And I love your blog banner, it's really pretty, and I love the floral motif :)

  4. @ Jen - it does seem as if it's for drier skin - the moisturisers don't say that they're oil free which I'd usually look for in a skincare product so fingers crossed they won't make me break out!

    @ Musicalhouses - the Superdrug eye make-up remover does feel more drying than the No 7 and Clinique ones - I think it's beacause it doesn't have the oil layer. I haven't found it stingy though and just use a bit more eye cream afterwards so that it doesn't make the skin around my eyes dry. It's worth a try for £1!


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