Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Project use-it-all-up: Update

It's typical...you wait for ages to try to use up a product and then end up finishing loads in one week!


Clinique Take The Day Off Eye Make-up Remover -
My absolute favourite make-up remover. It's expensive and I get through a bottle pretty quickly but there really is nothing better for getting rid of stubbon mascara.

Soap & Glory THe Scrub of Your Life -
This smelt amazing and left my skin feeling really soft. It's the first Soap & Glory product I've tried but certainly won't be the last!

17 Translucent Pressed Powder -
One of my handbag staples - I've tried a fair few pressed powders over the years and this one is still my favourite. It gives light coverage, stops shine and doesn't cake despite numerous touch-ups. I get through 3 or 4 of these each year but at less than £5 that's not a problem.

Superdrug Cucumber Facial Wipes -
These were only £1 - not the best wipes I've used but they felt refreshing, didn't dry out my skin and lasted ages. I used them after taking off my eye-make-up to remove the oily residue from my make-up remover and to take off my face make-up before I wash my face.

Mascaras - Maxfactor Max, Great Lash Waterproof, Great Lash Blackest Black -
All amazing and well-loved. See here for my mascara review post.

17 Blusher in Peach Paradise -
A nice natural shade, not very pigmented so I had to apply quite a lot to get the effect I wanted but the colour was nice and it had just the right amount of shimmer in.

What Would I Re-Purchase:
I'm not very loyal to products BUT...the Clinique make-up remover is amazing and the 17 pressed powder is something I use everyday! Next time I go on holiday I'll definitely re-purchase the waterproof Great Lash as it really did stay put through sea, swimming pool and sweat (eww!).

What products have you finished up this week?


  1. Yey for finishing products! Doesn't it feel good? ^^

  2. Finishing products does feel good, but it's so typical that they all finish at once! You probably didn't even buy them all at the same time.
    Looks like it's time to go shopping ;)

  3. Well done :) I always feel proud when cream products get a dip in thema nd eyeshadows hit pan :) xoxo

  4. I agree - I always feel really pleased when I finish something even if it does mean having to re-purchase! x

  5. I love the 17 translucent powder too, and am nearly done with mine so thank you for reminding me to repurchase! :)


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